Thousands of trucks stranded in UK amid fears of corona virus mutation despite France allowing reopening of limited border

Thousands of trucks stranded in UK amid fears of corona virus mutation despite France allowing reopening of limited border

France Tuesday Announced A limited re-opening starting at midnight for transport by ferry, train and tunnel, but only for EU citizens and British residents living in the EU – only if they have tested negative for the previous 72 hours.

The dispute between France and Britain over when and how to resume trade flow continued.

Leader of the Kent County Council of South East England Told the BBC On Tuesday, 3,000 channels were waiting to cross the English Channel. British government officials claimed on Monday that there were only 170 people.

The drivers frustrated their horns as some got ready to sleep the third night in their cabs.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised his country that a new sovereign, free-trade, swashbuckling “global Britain” will emerge nine days after Brexit.

The British soon became more isolated than ever after the non-signing of a free trade agreement between Britain and the European Union and the freezing of ships and channel tunnels at the gateway to continental Europe.

In the sense of loneliness, Johnson was forced to do so only on Sunday on the advice of his public health adviser, who sees cases of the corona virus, after saying it was “inhumane” to cancel Christmas meetings for friends and family. Jumping here.

More than 18 million Britons are now in the “Tier 4” lockdown, closing all essential shops, pubs, restaurants, gyms, hair salons, theaters and toy stores.

Anthony Fucci, a top US epidemiologist, told the BBC on Tuesday that “there is no recommendation to ban immigration from the UK.”

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The European Commission on Tuesday sought to promote a more coordinated approach after announcing different levels of restrictions than in previous days.

It called on all 27 member states to end the ban on flights and trains from the UK and to reopen cargo routes. “All non-essential travel to and from the UK should be discouraged.” Air and train bans should be lifted in light of the need to ensure essential travel, including the distribution of the corona virus, and to avoid disruptions in the supply chain. Vaccines.

But on Tuesday, many countries moved in the opposite direction. Hungary banned passenger flights from the UK until early February, while Germany and Ireland extended access restrictions.

Travel and trade have been embroiled in controversy as scientists around the UK and around the world scrutinize the impact of the new transformation of the corona virus.

“We have no evidence that the vaccine was compromised in any way in this new variant,” said Sharon Mayil, director of the UK Consortium Tracking Mutations virus.

Judith Brewer, professor of virology at University College London, said the increase in the prevalence of the variant strongly suggests that the new mutation induces increased transmission.

In the coming weeks, researchers will be able to see if further variants of the variant can lead to more serious illness, Brewer said, an observatory that could lead to an increase in hospitalizations and deaths. She said there was no evidence yet to show that the mutation was more lethal.

The Fischer-Biotech vaccine developer said on Tuesday that his company’s vaccination against the new variant identified in the UK could be effective, but he could develop a new version of his vaccine within six weeks if needed.

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CEO Ugur Zahin told reporters that whether regulators would be willing to quickly approve a slightly modified version of the vaccine for distribution in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union is another story. News conference.

From a technical point of view, tweaking a vaccine produced in collaboration with Pfizer is like transferring a mutation to another, while the “messenger” molecule remains intact.

But he added that it would take about two weeks for scientists to carry out the necessary tests and gather enough information to be sure.

“Our vaccine has a relatively high probability of working,” said Sahin, adding that 99 percent of the proteins found in the new mutation are similar to other strains.

French restrictions imposed on Sunday night, with an initial 48-hour deadline, did not ban the movement of goods into the UK, but flow in that direction was severely hampered as few companies were likely to trap their drivers in the UK. Can’t go back to Europe for Christmas.

As of Tuesday evening, it was not clear how quickly truck piles in Britain’s southern ports would be fixed.

British Transport Secretary Grant Shops said a decision would be made soon – but he warned truck drivers to avoid ports.

“Today there is good progress and an agreement with the French government on the border. We’ll give you an update on the Halliers this evening, but the Halliers still shouldn’t go to Kent this evening. ” He tweeted.

The PCR test results for the corona virus will take days to come, which means that if France insists on that method, there could be significant disruption to cross-border traffic.

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Sky News reported that rapid turn-round tests could be an alternative and that the British military was ready to help carry them out.

In a statement on Tuesday, the European Commission hinted at such a solution, saying, “Transportation workers need a quick antigen test in the coming days, especially in the particular context of the situation between the EU and the UK, which should not lead to traffic jams. ”

Knock reported from Berlin. The report was contributed by Quentin Arias of Brussels, Antonia Nouri Farzan of Washington, and Miriam Berger of NC Durham.

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