Thousands of migrants in a tourist area threatened by fire

Thousands of migrants in a tourist area threatened by fire

The wildfire, known as the Caldor Fire, has already spread more than 700 kilometers and destroyed hundreds of buildings.

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The area has been devastating for more than two weeks. On Monday, August 30, a fire broke out on the southern shores of Lake Tahoe in California, threatening to evacuate thousands of people. Known as the Caldor Fire, the wildfire has already spread more than 700 miles, destroying hundreds of buildings and emitting thick smoke that pollutes northern California.

Thanks to severe drought and persistent winds, the flames continued Monday into Tahoe South Lake, the largest alpine lake in North America bordering Nevada. “Conditions and fuels are historic”, Lamented San Francisco Chronicle Fire Commander Jeff Weike. “We are going to put out this fire, but it will not happen today.”, He announced.

The Caldor fire is one of dozens of fires that continue to affect the western United States, which has been exacerbated by the effects of climate change. More than 7,000 square kilometers of vegetation have already been burned, more than double the average area at this time of year.

Tens of thousands of residents had to flee the blaze, often not knowing when to return or if their homes were intact.

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