Thousands of aliens could be found in the coming years

Thousands of aliens could be found in the coming years

So far, about 4,000 extraterrestrials have been discovered and studied outside the Solar System, but with the development of researchers’ technological equipment, thousands more could be discovered in the coming years, said Martic Giles, project manager for the Latvian Astronomical Society. Latvian Radio.

Planet outside the Solar System Stranger

Explaining what an alien is, Ilgonis Wilkes pointed out that it is a planet outside the Solar System because there are fewer planets in different stars, such as the Sun.

“Some asteroids have been discovered, the origin of which is unknown – whether they originated in space or once belonged to a family. There are more than 4,000 extraterrestrials, many of which have been extensively studied,” Ilgonis Wilkes said.

Wolf said the number of extraterrestrial discoveries will increase in the coming years due to research methods and technological capabilities for space exploration. 200 billion planets.

Martik Giles, project manager for the Latvian Astronomical Society, said the first alien was discovered in 1992. It does not revolve around a star like the Sun. In the early 2000s, while conducting the first space missions, the Tepler spacecraft made a major contribution to the discovery of aliens, and systematically observed various parts of the sky. The volume of findings has grown exponentially.

“We need to anticipate that the number of alien discoveries will increase by thousands in the coming years,” Giles said.

How to find aliens?

Several methods are used to detect aliens. One of them is the radial method, which observes whether the planet around the star is moving the star slightly. Giles explained that space telescopes specialize in the transit mode, which waits for a moment for a star to darken for a short time and then becomes a little brighter. If this happens many times, you will start to think that a planet is orbiting you.

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Giles added that there are various models and methods that can be used to understand the size of the planet, its orbit, and information about the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

“The amazing thing is that we haven’t seen that planet yet. There are about 20 planets in the telescope that look like tiny dots near a big dot. We can get a lot of information about these planets using these methods,” Wolf said.

The first method – radial velocity – calculates the masses of the planets, and the second – the transit method – calculates the diameters of the planets.

An alien word related to Latvia

In 2019, when the International Astronomical Union celebrated its 100th anniversary, it promised to choose a name for each country it wanted, a star and an alien planet orbiting it. In Latvia, in a star naming contest organized by the Astronomical Society The word Liesma was chosen, but for an alien – Staburags. The star named Jwala is located in the constellation of the Great Bear, which is visible throughout the year, but requires a telescope. Staburags are not visible.

A group of astronomers have searched for planets similar to the planets in the Solar System, focusing on stars that are relatively similar to the Sun. Aliens have been found on many planets.

“Jupiter – like planets orbit our planet. This is called ‘hot Jupiter’.” A space object like Jupiter, the planet Staburags, is close to a star and orbits it within a week, Giles explained.

Interestingly, the same alien was discovered in 2006 at a French observatory. Last year a publication was published based on the observations of the space telescope “Tess”. It describes the confirmation of this previous finding using the transit method.

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Star surrounded by “hot Jupiter” “Flame”

One of the latest confirmations is that “Flame” is one of the ten brightest stars orbiting “Hot Jupiter”. Ilgonis Wilkes said that many planetary systems with seven or eight planets similar to the Solar System have been discovered: “This confirms all the notions about the formation of the Solar System, and certainly not.”

When you think of the future destiny of the planet Staburags, even though it is evaporating, it is huge, and this process could take billions of years. Like the Sun, the star “Lysma” could become the “red giant”, and then the Staburags would have plans.

The “Flame” star can be seen in the clear sky all year round, but at night you need binoculars or binoculars, you need to know where to look.

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