Thought-provoking logic question! The whole country asked, and no one could understand it: what time is it?

Thought-provoking logic question!  The whole country asked, and no one could understand it: what time is it?

A question asked to students in a high school logic class in Russia went viral under the title “Russian Time Problem”. Rotating to a random position without numbers, the question of what time it is with the same moment, second and hour hands raises the boundaries of intellect and logic.

The problem with the Russian watch is that it burns the brain

let’s see “Russian time issue” Can you solve this known question? Once you can fix it, you can be sure that you will feel like Sherlock. Even if you can’t fix it, you can’t appreciate the way to the answer.

A girl named Dima sees a strange clock in the museum.

  1. The watch has no numbers.
  2. It is not clear which side is above and below.
  3. Moreover, the shape of the hands for hours, minutes and seconds is the same.
  4. But still this watch works like a normal watch!

Before looking at the answer, think about the function of the clocks and try to solve the question accordingly!

If not, try again after this tip!

Hint: To solve the question, first of all, weapons Name it A, B and C.. Notice that both hands accurately indicate the key markings on the dial.

Hands pointing Look at the dials carefully. In this way You can find out which scorpion it is.

A and C hands are on top of large dials, while B is not. An important detail.

If the AEO is the hour hand, the minute hand and the second hand They should overlap by 12 (They are right on the dials). We see that such a situation does not exist.

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So we can conclude that B must be a scorpion. Because it’s not right on any dial. B = Scorpio

If you still can not find the answer, here is the solution to the Russian time problem.

How do we know which hands A and C are? First, assume that A is the second hand and C is the minute hand.

Since C is above the dial A must be specified to exactly 12. In this probability, we assume the minute hand, pointing to the C hand 2, the clock “Last 10 hours” must be.

But this does not seem to be the case with B (Scorpio). Because it should be close to 6.

Let us consider this time in reverse: Suppose A is the minute hand and C is the second hand.

This time C (second hand) will be pointed to 12. This means that A (minute hand) points to 10. Well done “Past 50”In other words, it should be interpreted as “there are 10”.

B (Scorpio) 5 makes perfect sense when approached. We found out which hands:

B = Scorpio

A = minute hand

C = second hand

We found that the time was 4:50. Night or day?

To the question, “A girl named Dima sees a strange clock in the museum.” We started. Since the museums are closed at 4:50, the time is accurate. 16:50 We can say that.

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