Those variants from Africa: “Vaccinate to save us”

Those variants from Africa: "Vaccinate to save us"

After many Variants This is the second in a series of Covid-19s coming directly from Africa: after the Nigerian one, the Cameron variant has also been sequenced, which is already widespread in some European countries (albeit at a lower percentage) and not in Italy.

Here is how B.1620 came to be

B1620 (this is the initials of recognition) identified in Lithuania, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the Central African Republic. The report was conducted by a dozen European centers led by the Lithuanian University of Vilnius and conducted online on the website. arXiv, The scientific community publishes studies that have not yet been validated. “B.1620 is the name of the genus, but I do not understand why it is called the Cameroon variant, it seems to be from Central Africa. This is a very moving variant: it appeared in Europe at the end of February and is now widespread in many European countries.“, Says one Massimo Sikosi, Head of Epidemiology at the Campus Bio-Medico University in Rome, is one of Italy’s leading experts in variants and sequencing. Prof. as seen in Europe Diverse Introductions to this variant, not a single difficulty came, it is far from it. “Different pressures from Central Africa, Cameroon, and Mali reached Europe independently of each other, and because of the journey back to Mali in the Czech Republic, the virus was moving with people. Therefore, from a phylographic point of view, very little can be done, because there are no laboratories in those countries to process the virus.

Because the Cameroon variant is not terrible

What are the features of this variant of Cameroon? “It makes a lot of changes, but they all need to be known and understood – Sikosci clarifies – The important one is the standard 484K, which is common in the South African and Brazilian variants, and is close to the S477N. A kind of bridge may have been created to allow the receptors to interact better. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well Lost 501Y“It’s one of the most common of the South African and Brazilian variants. It’s very worrying about large – scale epidemics, and it makes vaccines ineffective. What does it mean that there are no 501Y variants?”This means that the epidemic should be less, but the combination of the other two makes it a little more stable. He loses on one side but buys on the other“So, on the one hand, it is more contagious, but like other English variants that dominate Italy and the world.”Duet with S477N, i.e. more stable“, At the vaccine level”It does not cause any problems like other variants, everything is well covered with vaccines“, Emphasizes the Roman epidemiologist.

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What is “Multiple Introductions”

While the virus is likely to spread in Central Africa due to the movement of troops between countries due to wars and civil strife, the entry into the European variant is the only movement that allowed the virus to spread to many countries. “It is clear that ethnic transmission takes place freely in Europe and North America: it has reached our continent many times, as the cases of Lithuania, Germany, France and Belgium show.Multiple Introduction ‘, i.e. multiple introductions did not come at once, a difficulty began to spread freely. Just like you have 10 different travelers going to 10 different countries and 10 people infected with the same virus“Professor Sikosi explains that mutations in S477N have never been found in other variants, and the answer lies in the various ethnic groups that make up the world.”Each variant has a different mutation from the other because it is generated in different populations because it is subjected to different immune stresses. Each ethnic group has its own immune system“, The expert explains, because African is different from Asians, different from Europeans, different from Chinese.

“Vaccinate them to save us”

In the United States, vaccine administration is already 277 million, in the United Kingdom 57.8 million, and in Italy we are over 29 million. Across Africa, with a population of 1.2 billion, there are only 25.8 million anti-Kovid vaccines, which is less than our country, and we are talking about a continent. However, on a continent like Africa it is very dangerous to allow Kovid-19 wildlife. “I’ve been saying that for a while To protect Even less affluent countries. There are not only moral reasons, but also epidemiological reasons. They are basically what they say it is important to vaccinate children as well. If you do not protect everyone the same way, you will leave local pockets and continue to spread the virus. If the virus circulates in the bloodstream, it can repeat itself, make mistakes, and make mutations possible. Often these mutations are not significant, but in some cases they may lead to variants. We already have that, as is well known, fortunately the response to vaccines seems to be good. If the virus continues to spread for years on large continents like Africa, it is likely that a variant that can avoid the vaccine will be found. ” Confirmed Messenger Prof., Director, Infectious Diseases Operating Unit, Jemelie Polyclinic, Rome. Roberto Coda.

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At the same wavelength, Professor Sikosi has no doubt what path to take to permanently eliminate the virus from the bloodstream. “From this race, there have been multiple introductions of the same race, but it makes us think that different people should not only vaccinate Europe, but also pave the way for it. Immunization To vaccinate Africa and Asia. We need to talk about benevolence, and we can save ourselves by vaccinating them“Yes, because a virus that spreads without any signals is more dangerous in terms of possible mutations.”I hope all this will lead to an effective commitment of all countries, which can temporarily stop giving more vaccines to industrial assets.“, Adds Kouda Al Messenger.

Future vaccines and a “message” for young people

If the role of T cells, long-term memory, can be better detected, even temporary vaccines can be developed against more effective variants. “The moment we really understand the role of these most important cells, we can understand what happens when they are exposed to a virus, which will produce a vaccine that solves our problems.. We will solve our problems when we get an effective vaccine for six months to 99 years. Beaten A virus that can disappear completely“Sikosi confirms this. However, until then, we will have to self – vaccinate every year, just like we have been infected with leptospirosis.”It is also important for young people to understand this, because they will need to be vaccinated, and it will be one of the most important weapons for them, because they are more social, they travel more than the elderly, and once vaccinated we will all be much calmer. The virus will attract so much that one booster a year is enough without any problems with masks. Once the young people are vaccinated, we will soon be back to normal life“, Conclusion l’epidemiologo.

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