Thomas Party, who have already proven his personal evolution, can lead Arsenal’s transformation

Thomas Party, who have already proven his personal evolution, can lead Arsenal's transformation

It took Arsenal until the last hour of the summer transfer window to seal Thomas’s contract.

The Gunners waited, waited, and finally had no choice but to go to La Liga headquarters and close the $ 45 million release close.

Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone did not want to go to Ghana. At the age of 27, he proved to be an integral part of the heart of midfield.

Ultimately, they have no other choice.

Sports director Eduardo and manager Michael Arteta have replaced Arsenal’s midfielder as the man who transformed Arsenal’s midfield after more than two years of regular scrutiny.

The party was initially looking to replace Europa League opener Rapid Vienna to replace Manchester City in the weekend defeat.

The party was the best in Austria

When he last started a match involving an English team in Europe, he was busy helping Atletico to beat European Cup winners Liverpool in the Champions League in March.

Owen Hargreaves, speaking BT Sport The party was praised ahead of the kickoff at Alliance Stadium on Thursday night.

“I love this person. M 45 million, he may not have a lot of money for Arsenal, but Michael knows he needs this guy at the heart of his team, giving them something different.

“This guy has everything you need from a modern midfielder. He can do everything. His whole collection, he has everything.

“He can play all the passes. Play it long, play short, put it on a plate. He’s the best modern midfield player.”

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Halfway through, he continued: “It seems so easy for him.”

All the while, after Arsenal’s comeback victory, he did not stop, and his entire party debut was branded as “one of the best of all time”.

The party avoids two quick Vienna challenges

Now, quite simply, it’s a little too much, especially as Arsenal huffed and puffed but struggled to make any kind of blow on the home side for 69 minutes, even after Bernd Leno’s error allowed the Taxicarcia fund to go backwards. Open scoring.

But David Lewis’ header with 20 minutes left, Pierre-Emerick Obamayang’s tapping victory within four minutes, securing three points and post – game focus on the positives.

Of course, the chief among them is Brazilian center-back Gabriel, who was the best in the hearts of the three behind. Strong in air and tackle, he used the ball well and was excellent throughout the reading of the game.

Nicolas Pepe was also brilliant, while Mohamed Elneni continues to be reinstated as the first team player.

But it was Parte.

Arsenal’s new look was great on both spines

He left Atletico because of his long-standing dissatisfaction with the terms of the contract, and because of the belief that he had been completely provoked as a destroyer under Simeone in Spain.

Arriving in Spain at number 10, he still plays the occasional role for his country – becoming a box-to-box presence for borrowing in Mallorca and Almeria, before returning to the Atletico, taking over the mantle. Coke and Saul Nigos with former club captain Gabby.

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Simeone handed over the party’s No. 5 shirt at the Wanda Metropolitano in 2018, and that number is a reference point to his hometown of Argentina’s deepest lie detector, which protects and sets the tempo.

If Socrates fails to make a single move after the deadline, Parte Arteta will be number five.

Arteta will give the party more potential for its capabilities

However, at Arsenal ‘s now number 18, the interpretation of this role is very different.

While Simeon’s focus is on the party’s mind, he believes Arteta will give him more chances to show off his other qualities, ability to adapt to technical and mental gifts, and physicality.

With Elneni, that extra range was much higher in Austria, the best performance of the party game. Hargreaves’ mob is not affordable, he is good enough to be evaluated for some struggles with those around him.

No one won more tackles, no one won more air. Gabriel is the only player to score more than 90 passes, and the midfielder has a 90 percent completion rate – no one who has scored more than 10 is equal. They were not on the sides; 19 got forward passes to the last three. There were clever balls around the corner and passes between the lines.

At times he was put under pressure and justified his opponent with one arm. At other times, he balanced himself and effortlessly shifted into space. There were a total of 102 touches, and he was never caught or kicked out.

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The party had more touches than anyone else except Gabriel

There is no doubt that Arsenal continue to be a thriving job. In Austria we learned nothing new in this regard, a night when they had no real punch and creativity until the arrival of Obamayang in the last three, the Cedric Soares wing-back fight.

But as the rebuilding continues to accelerate, Arterita is delighted to see Gabriel, the club’s player of the month, go from strength to strength in September. At just 22, Defender is already looking at the bottom of the club’s new-look spine.

At the party, Arteta rejoiced, “He was really solid and comfortable.

In the second half we got the midfield, we opened up a bit and started to get more chances to attack some places with some players.

“He was amazing tonight and there’s still a lot to do from him.”

He signed on to produce a transformative effect, which already shows that he has the ability to do so.

When he negotiated with the Gunners, the party told them that the possibilities still remained unused.

Like Hargreaves, he believes he can do everything. His first evolution indicates that his personal evolution will only benefit Arsenal.

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