Thomas Parr loses final, Italy wins double gold

Thomas Parr loses final, Italy wins double gold

They always say that anything can happen in an Olympic final, and no one expected it, and Marcel Jacobs became the first Italian to win the men’s 100m in 125 years of modern Games history. This is the first Italian to reach the final.

Even better, Jacobs ran straight into the hands of Gianmarco Tampere, who is still celebrating the final after winning a combined gold medal in the high jump. The Olympic Stadium was almost empty or not, and it was beyond the reach of most people.

Born to an Italian mother and American father in Texas, 26-year-old Jacobs moved to Italy a month later and has been known as a long jumper until this year because his former coach was Triple. Even before this year, he had not even crossed 10 seconds, his winning time breaking the European record he had set two hours earlier in the 9.80cm final. Even in an event known for some amazing improvements, it is still there.

This final may yield the most unexpected result of any event in Tokyo, and only now is the name of Norwegian star Carsten Warhome written around the world. In this case, the Italians destroyed the evening for the Irish.

Because unfortunately Thomas Parr will not make the final on Tuesday. Fourth in the fifth event in Rio five years ago, in the same semifinals as Bar Warhome and American Benjamin Ray, the third fastest man to automatically finish first in two finalists won in Warhome at 47.30.

The bar finished fourth behind Turkey’s Yasmane Kobelo, who had recently won a bronze medal in Rio. The Irish athlete ran the second fastest time of his life, running 48.26 seconds, despite facing a fourth hurdle in a row. After scoring 47.93 in the second semi-final, Italian Alessandro Sibelio finished last in time, scoring only 47.97 in Rio.

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The Irish team appealed against Sibelio’s interception but was rejected.

The bar was out, but not completely disappointed, and he showed remarkable restraint in recovering his attempts after a complete collapse.

“Honestly, I felt really good,” he said. “I put my lower back straight into the upper corner. My goal was 13 steps in six and 14 steps in the house. I could get there quickly.”

Irish athlete Thomas Parr has reacted by failing to qualify for the 400m hurdles final after the semi – finals at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium. Photography: Brian Keane / Info

“I felt like I was overcoming the hurdle faster than I usually do on the seventh hurdle, but I didn’t take the hanging leg as fast as I used to, it was an inch, yes, it completely broke my momentum, I didn’t feel sensitive in my leg, so I was able to recover, but it did. Won a place in the final.

“It’s a shame, because it’s the second fastest time I’ve ever run, and I’m probably 47 years old. I was disappointed to see that the last semi-final match had a winning time like mine. It’s hard to follow, it’s really frustrating to come here as a competitor, I’m been a competitor all year, I could not do it one day when I felt good.

“It’s frustrating to fall like that in a second, but this is what I’m playing, I was the unlucky one. I knew it would take PB. “I think the difference is not defeating Coppolo.”

Watching Tuesday’s final will make Tuesday’s final even more difficult, hoping to knock out Bar Warhome and break his world record of 46.70 seconds set in Oslo in July: “I am so happy to be a part of this event, it now opens the story. Glad we were able to make the Olympic final a little smoother.

“It will be harder to watch the final now knowing that I can get in. I want them to run as fast as they can to not get close to the medals, but I’m always in a good mood from one point of view, because something like that will not knock me out.

Anyone from the stand can throw a stone at me and I will go. Someone might fall in front of me. I focus only on what is in front of me. If I’m not mentally strong, I can turn it off. The body did not follow what the mind was willing to do. This is a sport. “I have a fair share of excursions in Rio. That’s it. “

Since Usain Bolt has won the last three editions, there has always been an anonymity in the 100m, especially after his favorite Trivon Bromel exploded before the games in the semifinals, when American Fred Curley won silver at the best age. At 9.84, Canadian Andre de Grosse won the bronze with a score of 9.89.

Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas became the first world record holder in the triple jump inside an empty field with a stunning final jump for the 15.67m gold, writing a look of disbelief on her face. The previous record was set in 1995 by Ukrainian Inessa Kravets at 15.50 meters.

After three defeats in the 2.39m, Qatar and Timberlake’s Movatas Issa Bershim had similar scenes in the split high jump. They had two choices: a jump or share gold. They chose the second option, and both athletes immediately shed tears. It was a crazy night inside the Olympic Stadium.

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