Thom Brown Fall / Winter 2021-2022 Collection

Thom Brown Fall / Winter 2021-2022 Collection

If Thom Brown was already known for its stunning parades, Digital fashion weeks do not seem to rob her of her creativity. Thus, the American creator has no problem grabbing the video device to tell the stories he is performing in front of an audience. Last January, his label announced a great innovation: creating its first line for kids, an off-beat in black and white, unveiled with a funny video. In the 1950s, girls and young children played the role of office workers. This time, Thom Browne chooses to tell a story about the snow-capped mountains, whose heroine is none other than the first American Olympic champion, Ski Lindsay Vaughn. While sleeping, Alice, a young woman in two long braids in black, dreams of being in black and white in a winter wonderland, waking only in the light of her yellow dress. When a device version ofAbove the rainbow, The worship song of the movie The Wizard of Oz The actress, who once played Judy Garland, gets on a helicopter and lands on top of a runway.

The collection is revealed during his stunning school descent, The champion slams her according to the static characters passing through her path. If Thom Browne has enjoyed not only the codes of this category, but also the conventions brought by the Three Piece Suits, he makes it clear here: this season, women wear masculine silhouettes, men ‘and feminine silhouettes, and sportswear is a must-see with a formal formal wardrobe. In addition, the collected balloon sleeves, bolero, long high waists, fitted jackets, suits, dresses and corsets appear on the sets worn by men wearing tops, while their faces are covered in transparent black bubbles, while the only woman in the presentation is Lindsay Vaughn, with a coat and pants to climb on her skis. And wears a villa-tie suit under her dress before pulling on her backpack.

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Through repeated close-ups of the camera, The film helps to discover the details of many pieces that are not recognizable by color – but in shades of gray, from deep black to pure white, the designer’s classic palette can be essayed. We can see the wool braiding of Irish sweaters, the striking composition of many black silk taffeta dresses and skirts, the boning and lacing of white shirts, the shoulder padding of jackets and the tweed of suits adorned with patches. , Strings and other closing mechanisms, or even animals embroidered in the depths of a shawl, such as a down jacket. While Thom Browne has yet to be unbalanced and remodeled, and always pays attention to the symmetrical structure of his sets, this new collection brings a wind of novelty through the uneven draping of dresses and variations in length and volume. His label, founded twenty years ago, retains the same foundation for every set: a white shirt with a black bow tie. At the end of this session of snowfall, Lindsay Vaughn sleeps on a bed, her heels glistening in the golden leather of her ankles. Since his dream ended in the imagination of Thom Brown, it seems that his new life could finally begin.

Thom Brown. Women & Men Fall 2021 Collection.

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