This young Carnacois sails to Greenland on a six-meter voyage – ura Ray

This young Carnacois sails to Greenland on a six-meter voyage - ura Ray

Young Carnacois Jean-Baptiste Jeffroy took on a crazy challenge: a solo voyage to Greenland in a mini 6.50, a small sports ship designed for the Atlantic Ocean. At the age of 21, this engineering student decided to fulfill his free time wishes for the open sea this summer. “My school, by the way, is leaving us for four months in the third year to implement a sports or humanitarian project.” Born practically in a boat, Jean-Baptiste sailed from the French navy, mainly in the Mediterranean, following the change of his military father. With his family in the country, he has been investing in a Pogo 1 in Karnak since 1998. The mini class is slower but more comfortable than the last support of offshore racing school. A little idea in the back of my head. “Summer was not the best season to cross the Atlantic, so my gaze turned to the North Sea and Greenland, this big piece of ice that has never been here before.”

A loop around Iceland

Jean-Baptiste launched “A Mini in the North” during his adventure. He was to leave La Trinita-Sir-Mer on a weekend for a three-month journey. He plans to build a stopover on the way out of Cork (Ireland), an isolated rock in the North Atlantic, and on the way out of Rockol and Reykjavക്k (Iceland), located between Ireland and Iceland. “I want to cross the island from the west to reach Scorsbisund Bay in Frods, Greenland.” For the return voyage, from the end of July, follow the Norwegian coast and this time go to the eastern part of Iceland to disembark from the North Sea.

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Raise awareness about the effects of global warming

Carnacois also intends to take advantage of this sporting and personal challenge to show the effects of global warming. “This navigation would not have been possible 20 years ago without the ice melting.” He regularly sends his travel stories and pictures to his sister Gillemet, who shares them on social networks such as “Unmini 6.50 Dance in Nord” (Facebook and Instagram). It was through this that his family discovered Jean-Baptiste’s project, and was careful not to tell him about it when he bought the boat.

Never play Titanic again

A ship that is not really armed to face the northern seas. The student who did not let the Titanic replay explains: “The biggest danger is to hit a Grover with ice flowing. “I have been sailing since I was three years old and I do not play with safety. I will be in constant contact with my relatives on shore. ” It is supported by the Ura Ray Quiberon Terre Atlantic (ACTA) Inter-Municipal Authority and Boutis, an Ile-de-France company specializing in pipeline works.

Jean-Baptiste Jeffroy is already looking forward to more this summer, and there is no shortage of ideas about sea travel. Once he gets his engineering diploma in hand, he will find business pleasure and work in the shipbuilding sector.

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