This will be a super bloom year for SMEs. Cost Management Supports Growth –

This will be a super bloom year for SMEs.  Cost Management Supports Growth -

By 2022, most European small and medium enterprises will focus on growth through capital mobilization strategies, mergers and acquisitions. The number of employees and the amount of investment in innovation and automation systems as well as the launch of new products will increase.

This is according to a survey Coleman Parkhouse Research, an independent consultancy firm, has interviewed 900 managers of financial automation, tech solutions or corporate spending monitoring over the past few months. Of this, 22% is Italian and the rest is divided between managers of companies from France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany. The research was commissioned by Soldo, a payment and expense automation platform that collects company cards (issued by MasterCard) and assigns qualified employees. The results of the survey indicate that there is a natural phenomenon called super bloom, which occurs in a desert, and due to a number of conditions, thousands of dormant seeds germinate together on the surface. As if to say about the very positive emotion wrapped up in the thoughts and predictions of the managers who took part in the survey.

But what comes next More precisely? 70% of the sample believe that their company’s turnover will grow over the next 12 months, 44% believe that it is a strategy to raise new capital, while 33% focus on M&A policy. Employee high tendency for 66% increase in sample. With growth, the launch of new products begins, where Italy (along with Germany) is 34% faster than other countries. In terms of item cost management, the Soldo business is a falling sector, with only 59% of companies in Italy declaring that they are already structured against 62% in Europe, but those who have invested in innovative management services acknowledge a strong return on costs. In which? Especially for human resources that are involved, retrained, and used for other tasks.

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In practice, management Free human resources for receipts and invoices, both digital and soldo-centric, which can be used for other tasks. Mariano Dima, President of Soldo, explains: As many SMEs in Italy and Europe move into growth, the main pressure falls on the administrative and financial teams to ensure an overall cost outlook, control costs, and implement data knowledge systems. Live. But without the right tools, there is no doubt that the administrative departments will waste valuable time that can be spent on initiatives that fully support the strategy.

Finally, the report This highlights how 72% of European CFOs believe that greater visibility, more control, and cost monitoring will have a positive impact on revenue. It therefore focuses on investments in technology, especially automation equipment. Two-thirds (66%) of respondents cited technology and automation as the main drivers of profit, while 74% decided to invest in automation to control employee costs.

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