This week’s movie release – Hamburger Abendblatt

This week's movie release - Hamburger Abendblatt

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A story from Spain that won a prize at the Berlinale, the adventures of young Vinnettou and an Englishman traveling by bus to the edge of the world. Movies of the week

Berlinale-Gevinner “Alcarus”

Berlin. The film takes you to a Spanish peach orchard. “Alcarràs – The Last Harvest” tells the story of a family that previously earned money through farming. When a solar system is built on the site, the family faces an uncertain future. Director Carla Simon talks about everyday family life, family relationships, technological change and the question of what kind of farming our society wants. The drama, which won Best Picture at the Berlinale in February, is now hitting theaters.

Alcarez, Spanish/Italian 2022, 120 min., FSK ab 6 Jahren, von Carla Simon

“The Young Chief Vinetto”

BERLIN (AP) — It’s been sixty years since Pierre Bryce first slipped into the role of Apache Winnetau (“The Treasure in Silver Lake,” 1962, directed by Harald Rein). What followed has long been considered (pop) culture: ten Winnettou strips as Old Shatterhand with Bryce and other actors Goetz George, Karin Dorr, Ralph Wolter and Lex Barker. Now Vinnetto is riding again – although he is not very firmly in the saddle. Based on Carl May and a screenplay written by Gesa Scheibner and himself, director Mike Marzuk tells the story of still-young Winnetau, who must learn important lessons before becoming a chief.

Young Chief Winnetau, D 2022, 103 min., 0 to FSK, with Mike Marzuk, Mika Ullritz, Milo Haff and Lola Linia Padotske

“The Englishman who got on a bus and drove it to the end of the world”

Berlin (dpa) – “The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain” is a 27-year-old film. The just-launched “Englishman who got on a bus and drove to the end of the world” wants to refer to the 1990 work with Hugh Grant, at least through its German rental title. However, in the English original, the title “The Last Bus” is simple and brief, if brief.

An old and frail man boards the bus here, probably for the last time. “That’s 1300 km!” With polite intentions the bus driver replied with a surprise. Answers. The old man stubbornly: “Go!” Travel from the north end of Scotland to the south of England.

The old man is Tom (played by Timothy Spall), a pensioner who wants to move to Land’s End in southern England, where he meets his recently deceased wife, Mary. Tom wants to scatter Mary’s ashes there, which he has in a suitcase. The 90-year-old plans to make his long journey only on local buses as he can use them for free as a pensioner.

During this journey, he meets different people who become part of his moving life story. British director and screenwriter Gillies McKinnon, known for films such as “Marrakech” or “A House in Ireland”, took the director’s chair of the film “The Englishman who rode the bus to the end of the world”. British leading actor Timothy Spall (»Spencer») is only 65 years old, and his character in this film is not yet 90 years old.

The Englishman Who Got on a Bus to the End of the World by Gillies MacKinnon, 2021, UK/UAE 2021, 86 mins, FSK 12+, starring Timothy Spall, Phyllis Logan and Saskia Ashdown

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