This way your old social media profiles will be found and deleted

This way your old social media profiles will be found and deleted

We all have profiles that are no longer used – and not only that Facebook As we went to high school, we moved on to other “antique” platforms (Good Morning Hi5). Sometimes we find them easily and delete them, other times we ignore them. If we do the latter, we can reconsider.

There are also security issues that we need to be aware of about the possibility of leakage of personal data, files and financial data. The problem is that we don’t even remember which social media profile we have. Fortunately, there is a way not only to find them, but also to eliminate them forever.

There are certain places that we can control. The first is the simplest and clearest, which does not even pass through our minds: Our browser.

In particular, depending on what we use:

ChromeGo to: Settings> Passwords.

EdgeGo to: Settings> Profiles> Passwords> Saved Passwords.

Firefox: Go to Preferences> Privacy & Security> Saved Logins.

Safari: Go to Preferences> Passwords.

Again, if we are using an iPhone, we need to connect through it Apple ID:

Go to Settings> Password & Security> Apps with your Apple ID.

If we are connected by the way Facebook, Open the app and go to Settings and select “Apps and Websites”.

Since applications have been detected, it remains to recover our passwords. If we remember them, the problem will be solved. If this is not the case then maybe you need to access the email we used, click “I forgot my password” and follow the instructions. Again, if we do not have this, we need to contact the company.

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From the moment we log in to profile, we want to “delete account” by doing a little searching in the settings. We will now quietly continue our lives.

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