This scary Netflix movie starring Sadie Zink (Max)

This scary Netflix movie starring Sadie Zink (Max)

Sadie Zink, Max’s young commentator Things unfamiliarAppears in the cast of a movie that scared the crap out of multiples released on Netflix in 2019 …

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Fans have been waiting for more than three years. May 27, the first installment of Season 4 Things unfamiliar Finally released on Netflix. In this new explosion of episodes, platform subscribers have been able to figure out how Eleven suffered the loss of her supernatural powersOr how Max was able to escape from the clutches of the monster EternalThanks for one of his favorite songs, Running up the hill Published by Kate Bush, 1985. A cult headline also came up, thank you Strangers, # 1 on iTunes Charts! Maxine “Max” Mayfield, played brilliantly Sadie Zinc, And therefore got a prominent place in this first volume of Season 4 with this smashing plot that will make fans of the series shudder. But the young American actress is not on the first try in terms of tragic and frightening history. Of course, Sadie Zink has already got the chance To star in a psychological horror movie released in 2019 on Netflix.

A young man with a rare disease

Sadie Zink camped out as one of the main characters in the feature film Rat, Directed by Ciren Foy (Irish)Fort, Wicked 2). This movie says The story of a boy named Eli (Charlie Shotwell) Which is Affected by a strange disease It makes him allergic to light and loses contact with the outside world. Disappointed, his parents decide to take him away To an isolated clinic for treatment His condition should improve. A treatment that proves to be very painful, it will be at that time Tormented by evil scenes

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Horrible secrets to reveal

During his stay, Eli befriends Haley, the character played by Sadie Zink. This will teach him a disturbing truth: all the patients of Dr. Isabella Horn (Lily Taylor), the head of the clinic, have died. But the story does not end there, and Eli has to face a terrible truth not only about himself but also about his parents. In short, a fiction that should not hurt you, that too will be A chance to see Sadie Zinc evolve in another environment!

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