This original hairdresser cuts his clients’ hair with a chopper or blowtorch – West-France Evening Edition

This original hairdresser cuts his clients' hair with a chopper or blowtorch - West-France Evening Edition

Olivier Duplessis (with Agent France-Press)

Torch, chopper, pieces of glass… Ali Abbas is a Pakistani hairdresser. He uses unusual tools to give his clients the most stylish haircuts.

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Ali Abbas, a hairdresser in Lahore, West Pakistan, was able to make a name for himself beyond the borders of his country, which is considered very conservative in terms of fashion. This young man increased his fame through a special style.

He cuts and styles with a chopper or a hammer, or hesitates to use a blowtorch to give hair volume! He allows himself all the tools and equipment possible to offer his customers the most realistic cuts.

First the blowtorch

The recipe works. Customers from all over the country flock to his salon. They sometimes travel thousands of miles to get through his arms. Some come from Germany … “I told myself I wanted to do something different to attract more customers, He told Agencies France-Presse (AFP). First I tried Blotorch on artificial hair, then after practicing for a while I tried it on a client and he really liked it. “

This first experience, in 2016, was the starting point of his ascent. He quickly manages to convince other customers to open the door of his salon.. There is success. Participates in TV shows or fashion photo shoots.

Ali Abbas’ Panoply: Cutting Board, Hammer, Chopper… (Photo: Arif Ali / AFP)

The mad scientist

His dull hair and slightly strange demeanor make Ali look like a mad scientist. Moreover, broken glass or cutting board is part of its utensils. “Initially there was a good response from my clients who were very scared. “

He charges Rs 2,000 (approximately 22 €) for his special cut, while a traditional chisel costs only Rs 1,000. But users like the eccentricity and location of the hairdresser: “I feel completely calm and relaxed”, Ali reassures a client when he lights a torch over his head.

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The salon also welcomes a large female client, who will have to pay an extra Rs 500 (approximately 5.5 around) for the stylish cut. “I cut my hair three times in this salon, One of them is underlined. I like if it is done with a chopper, because my hair grows faster later. “

Whatever the vessel, as long as the cut is original and stylish!

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