This Netflix series will stun you this weekend

This Netflix series will stun you this weekend

The weekend arrives, as well as the share of leisure time. There is nothing like a good series to activate the weekend. The mini-series is perfect because you can watch it in two days! My friend Adele This is one of them. This British mini-series, adapted from Netflix subscribers, is available from a novel by Sarah Pinburo. In six 60-minute episodes, Louise tells how a divorced woman raises her little boy alone and meets the dark-haired attractive David at a bar. After talking for a few hours, they exchanged a kiss. Embarrassed, David abruptly apologizes … The next day this handsome stranger finds out that he’s a new psychiatrist in the office starting a new job and that he’s married. The two agree to move their attraction to each other. Clearly, they succumb to temptation and begin a relationship. The case is complicated by the fact that Louis befriends David’s wife.

The heroine is the daughter of a famous singer My friend Adele

Among the actors in this mini-series, we see Tom Batman playing the role of the unfaithful husband David. Self different actor Jack and Hyde And Beach house, Shares his life with an actress revealed through a myth. Beside him, Eve Husson His stranger wife slips into Adele’s skin, and we do not know if she is weak or poisonous. If her face is still unknown, the Irish actress is the daughter of U2 singer Bono. At the heart of this love triangle is Simona Brown, who plays the character of Lewis, who is torn between her love for David and her friendship with Adele. As the story progresses, My friend Adele It crushed the fans who came up with the most insane theories. Because this program is less classic than it sounds.

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Le Twist Final d My friend Adele The audience was silenced

Very classic thriller, in its structure and plot, My friend Adele It retains interest, thanks to the suspense that cleverly distills it into small touches in the episodes. But above all, the mini-series has its incredible finale, twisted and most inventive. It’s amazing, but it’s also terrifying. This memorable ending, which has caused a lot of reactions on the net, is the small addition that sets this mini-series apart. She’s so perfect, despite her success, it’s unlikely My friend Adele There is a continuum. The best part is that you can watch the series in just 5 hours! That’s great, tonight is the weekend. Started!

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