This morning the snow and record cold, with great danger to crops until Monday

This morning the snow and record cold, with great danger to crops until Monday

Way Cyril BonfoyClimate observer

The situation is dire for agricultural workers: of course, the snow will be the coldest mornings this Sunday, and especially Monday.

After days of light spring weather, the weather changed significantly on Friday. Last Monday we went from the ideal temperature for May to the February temperature. The The risk of frost is very high Fear is rising in some areas until Monday Extensive damage to fruits and wine crops.

This Sunday morning the cold shattered records, shattering the south-western vineyards

As the nights cleared, temperatures dropped to westerly from Normandy to Brittany, New Aquitaine and Provence: in these regions, lows averaged -3 to -1 degrees Celsius. The cold of April broke records Breast (-2.4 C), Aix-en-Provence (-2.8 ° C), Bergerac (-5.1 ° C).

The Bordeaux vineyards were destroyed on Sunday morning

As feared, the south-western vineyards were devastated: after the mildness of late March, the fruit trees and vineyards had taken the initiative, with last night’s severe frosts destroying up to 70% of the harvest.

Heavy snow fell in the eastern and central parts of the country on Monday morning

LMonday is the scariest day In the central and eastern regions, severe frosts are likely in the morning (<-5 ° C) before light winds arrive from the north of the country. Very locally, new frosts are envisioned for the month of April, especially in the Middle East (Burgundy, Franche-Comte, Auvergne, Rh -ne-Alps), where temperatures can drop as low as -8 C.

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High risk of damage to fruit crops

Fruit trees have started in most areas, especially after the end of March. Cherry, apricot, peach and plum trees are prone to frost, to some extent apple and pear trees because they are already low. All areas are at risk of destruction, especially in the departments south of the Nantes-Charleville-Messier line.

With regard to grape cultivation, the vines are generally less advanced than the previous year, i.e. more plots can be saved. However, the The wine regions of Burgundy and Aquitaine are most affected, Because the buds are 7 to 15 days ahead of normal. They are particularly vulnerable. In the Bordeaux region, which experienced severe frosts this morning, however, the bud bast (exit of the bud from the cocoon) suffered considerable damage, despite limited progress.

Moisture remains in Burgundy and the Rhne-Alps Weekend rain or snow Monday morning raises fears that some buds will explode. The Rhne Valley and Provence will experience negative temperatures (up to -3 degrees Celsius) with snowfall, raising fears of damage on Monday morning.

The frost, which occurs after this March’s mild meltdown, causes significant damage in the arboreal domain, especially plum trees, peach trees, cherry trees, apricot trees, and already flowering trees in most areas.

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Cold and snow: Worrying situation for agriculture

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