This morning she was accused of having sex on top of her underwear featuring Love Island stars

This morning she was accused of having sex on top of her underwear featuring Love Island stars

This morning divided the fans about a fashion item that is the Friday gad of the day time show.

In this category Love Island stars parade their bodies into model underwear – this leads to some close-ups of their outfits.

Alison Hammond became the mastermind behind the idea Handed over complete creative control of the show As guest-editor and host of a particular episode.

As editor, Alison specializes in everything from recipe ideas, beauty tips, and topics of discussion.

Alison Hammond, who unveiled the last surprise of the day, shone with joy

For the finale, the presenter hinted that a men-centric fashion item is yet to come for a change.

The Cheeky host told her co-host Dermot O’Leary, “Obviously, I was thinking of you.”

As Alison decided on this item it became clear that they could choose some male models.

Gok Van put forward the men’s fashion item, “Love Island boys will be modeling underwear at the request of Alison Hammond!”

Love Island star Michael Griffiths was asked to pose in underwear

Some viewers were thrilled to see Jack Fowler on their screens

Danny Williams, Michael Griffiths and Jack Fowler appeared on screen with their gym horn boards showing off a variety of small trunks.

A laughing gok said that some of the close-ups were ‘too much’.

“You need to take this seriously!” Alison scolded him.

The audience at home was divided between their paradoxes.

Gok Van said some close-ups are too much

Love Island 2019 star Chris Taylor was also in action

“Alison is my new hero to get Jack Fowler in a pair of pants this morning!” Someone shouted.

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“The men’s underwear segment found it very funny. What’s on earth, despite the separator pants? The best selection of models made me even better on Friday,” said another excitedly.

However, others were accused of naked sex without convincing.

“Once they were in a” men’s fashion “segment, they were all just boxers … Now think about it, they only model underwear for a” women’s fashion “segment when the roles are reversed and they get a bunch of women. Disappointed TBF” A viewer complained on Twitter.

“Can you imagine if Dermot had requested all the Love Island ladies model underwear that objectifies the Love Island men in boxers?” Asked another.

Mirror contacted ITV Online for comment.

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