This material stores energy from the sun for months

Des chercheurs de l’université de Lancaster (Royaume-Uni) ont mis au point un matériau capable de stocker puis de restituer plusieurs mois plus tard, la chaleur du soleil. © oraziopuccio, Adobe Stock

In order to decarbonize our production energy production, we will have to rely on many different and complementary technologies. Today, researchers believe that objects can store heat from the sun for months. A green solution to keep us warm in the winter thanks to the summer sun.

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Capture Heat from the sun Give it back in the summerWinter. This will reduce our effectiveness Exhalation Of Greenhouse gas. This is what it is all about Researchers at the University of Lancaster (United Kingdom) Thanks for the new one Integrated material They present today.

At the heart of the innovation is a nanoporous materialIons Organic groups are bonded to metal. For a MOF Metal-organic framework Or the metal-organic network – as chemists say. It’s not just a MOF because the researchers chose to load it Molecules Azobenzene, a compound known to absorb strongly on one side Light On the other hand, it can change shape when subjected Light.

An integrated material for improvement

In fact, azobenzene is exposed In Sol Curves, stretches, like a spring. The holes in the MOF prevent it from resting. An efficient way to store.Energy For a long time. An energy that can be easily and quickly released Application Of Hot. According to researchers at the University of Lancaster Storage It can be maintained as such Atmospheric temperature, For at least four months.

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This idea «Photoshows – Understand “The switch of the lamp Photo Electric» – Already studied, but mostly, in Fluids. This deceived the practical applications. After finding one Solid solution, The researchers hope to be able to optimize the two components of this composite material to achieve even better results. This is because the overall dens energy density is still slightly moderate.

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