This is what the clouds on Mars look like … Here are the rare scenes captured by NASA

This is what the clouds on Mars look like ... Here are the rare scenes captured by NASA

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Over the past few months, I have taken some great photos showing what the clear days on the Red Planet were like.

The agency referred to these unexpected clouds as “early” clouds at this time of year, adding that the “Curiosity” team had already made a new discovery about the early clouds of rover images and that they were “higher than usual”. Cold“.

According to the agency, most of the clouds on Mars are usually located at an altitude of 37 miles (60 km) in the sky and are made of water ice. However, the so-called early clouds are at higher and cooler altitudes, i.e. they are made up of frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice. NASA did not specify the height of the initial clouds in the “Curiosity” images“.

“Scientists are looking for hidden clues to determine the height of the cloud,” the agency said in a statement. “Further analysis is needed to confirm that recent Curiosity images show water-ice clouds showing dry ice.”“.

These images of clouds on the surface of Mars were explored shortly after sunset on March 31..

The agency described images of the collected clouds as “just after sunset, their ice crystals take on a dim light and glow in the dark sky.” Also known as “night”, these polar clouds become brighter when they are filled with clouds and crystals, and then darker when the position of the sun in the sky is less than its height. This is just a useful indication used by scientists to determine its length.“.

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“If you see a cloud with the same color, it’s because these clouds are growing at the same rate,” Mark Lemon, an astronomer at the Institute of Space Science in Boulder, Colorado, told NASA.“.

“Cloud Images Curiosity New perspective. When our rovers and helicopters send us stunning images of the planet’s rocky surface, Curiosity shows that the planet is more colorful than we thought.“.

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