This is what astronomers found near Earth – Metro World News Brazil

This is what astronomers found near Earth - Metro World News Brazil

In 2020, astronomers at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) discovered a black hole in the HR 6819 system, the closest series to Earth.

Two years after the discovery, further investigations confirmed that the black hole never existed, as described on the Magnetosius website.

According to an article published in Rivista Astronomy & AstrophysicsNewly discovered astronomers have discovered that HR 6819 is actually a binary system without a black hole.

With that, he matched up with two “star vampires” that stunned the team.

It was not a black hole, it was vampire stars.

When this was revealed, a first study claimed it might be a black hole. Already with some information, another team suggested that the HR 6819 could be a two-star system.

In a moment, the experts reached the limit of the existing data. Therefore, a different observation strategy was adopted to determine between the two situations.

This is what astronomers found near Earth

Further investigations revealed that HR 6819 was a binary system without a black hole, as explained by Meganotisius.

The best interpretation to date is that this binary system was discovered shortly after a star pulled the atmosphere out of its co-star.

Furthermore, according to the data, it is possible to investigate how “vampirism” affects the evolution of giant stars and the formation of associated phenomena.

Text with information from the Magnetosis website

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