This is the shape of the earth if gravity is the same across the entire surface of the planet

This is the shape of the earth if gravity is the same across the entire surface of the planet

Gravity is not the same on the entire surface of the planet. It varies depending on the location, the distribution of the oceans, the mountains and the time of year. Finally We do not have to think of the earth as a complete and unified sphere, But like a rock whose mass is unevenly distributed.

To visualize this effect, the so-called scientists at the German Center for Geophysics (GFZ) were created. Potsdam potatoes, A map Originated in 2005 Later, thanks to different modern satellites, it was rebuilt in 2011. Here’s what this particular view of our planet is all about.

India has the lowest gravity

To better understand how the Earth’s gravitational field is distributed, satellites such as GRACE and CHAMP have been used to illustrate our planet based on gravity. The result, instead of being a sphere, is a Geoid. It is about a body that is precisely defined as one that has the same gravity for all points on its surface.

The poles are known to be more flat, but thanks to these observations in the center of Potsdam, a more accurate map was created. Variables related to continental mass, water balance, ice melting, and climate. This is a model that not only helps us visualize the earth instantly better, but also allows us to assess changes over time. Today, these gravity maps are very accurate and commonly used to perform all kinds of investigations and calculations.

The image model that this article depicts is the EIGEN-6C, known as the original Potsdam potato since 2005. Red indicates areas of high gravity and blue indicates areas of low gravity.

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We see a similar result in the previous image, but up to four times the resolution. This image was provided by ESA in 2011. Most ivory and valleys can be thought of as mountains or landscapes like the Himalayas. Like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

In particular, the least gravitational region on Earth is located in southern India. In addition, the North American region has a low gravitational field.

New Goce Geoid

Same geoid as ESA, but focuses on other areas.

If we look at Spain, we see that it is in a yellow region, which indicates a high gravitational field.. The highest gravity zone is in northern Europe and the western part of South America bordering the Andes. Like Australia.

Thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA) LAGEOS, GRACE and GOCE satellites Gravity measurements, with high accuracy and inaccessible areas For example in Central Africa or in the Himalayas.

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