This is how Italy plays in the World Cup – Libero Coutidiano

This is how Italy plays in the World Cup - Libero Coutidiano
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At first glance you might think it is the final for third place Nations League Between Italy and Belgium (kick-off on the 15th, live on Roy 1) is useless, and if we think about the World Cup in Qatar instead, the afternoon can take on an insignificant significance. The match will only take place between November and December 2022, but to avoid the bad surprises in the lottery (scheduled for Doha in April), giving in to a certain pride proved fatal five years ago (see the terrible knockout a friendly match with Portugal, which we lost In the qualifying round, Paid as we know), can prove that defeating the Belgians is very important. In fact, Italy are currently in Group C of the World Cup qualifiers, beating Switzerland by +3 +11 and Switzerland by +5). If the national team does not stick to its November commitments against Switzerland (12 in Rome) and Irish (15 in Belfast), it will be a place for the World Cup (not qualifying for the second time in a row) and a failure. It is better not to think about it). So, at that time, there will only be the above-mentioned draw between the Azure and the event, where the 32 qualifiers will be divided into 8 groups.

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Going to Switzerland. Look at home
This means there will be 8 seeded players, one of whom is from host Qatar, and the top 7 in the FIFA rankings, currently (in the rankings) are Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Italy, Argentina and Portugal. However, it is clear that things will change between the Doha ballot box from now on, for example, Spain – before being eliminated – will clearly improve after the best result of the Nations League (Final Control at 20.45 tonight in France, live 1). Historically, Italy has accustomed its fans to underestimating this dynamism, often finding itself in matches inside or outside. “Belgium is number one in the rankings, so there is no problem in the draw for the World Cup, but we have to win,” he explained at the press conference. Roberto Mancini, And then submit a thought for the team -. We started a beautiful path with young children who could play together for 5 or 6 years. I am very proud of what they did against Spain. They had a lot of chances to lose by a goal difference, instead they were very good. So, even though no one was injured in the tough match Belgium Look at Rome (No Eden Hazard: Coach Roberto Martinez expects turnover), Manzio will use to figure out who to rely on for the next day. Sure, the hardcore will be the heroes of the European Championship, but some turnover is inevitable. What better opportunity to try than the match against Belgium? To read in this sense, the confirmation at the center of Alessandro Bastoni’s defense is fresh from the disappointing performance in the semi – final against Spain (unforgivable mistake in marking Ferran Torres’ first goal). Inter are considered to be the future of the Azzurri defense, after all the amazing things that have been shown in Inter, and it is time for a definite commitment with Italy.

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Calabria was injured
On the other hand, a player who lost the European Championship (but only because he was injured) will definitely be part of the national team tomorrow Lorenzo Pellegrini: After the goal against Spain he must start at the Alliance Stadium, to see if he is in the median (with the ballot) Manual Locatelly) Or on the offensive trident (in this case Lorenzo Insine will be out). A.C. David Calabria (He left Cavarsiano’s retirement due to a muscle strain on the right side, which worries the club a bit.) On the other hand, Zero Immobile and Andrea Bellotti have never been fully convinced in the national team, and finding a reliable center will solve Mancini’s main problem.

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