This is an age, so if you want to get a quick understanding of science fiction that predicts the future, you should read this amazing book | Self-study encyclopedia | Diamond Online

This is an age, so if you want to get a quick understanding of science fiction that predicts the future, you should read this amazing book |  Self-study encyclopedia |  Diamond Online

Goution advice on “self-study” of reading monkeys

Self-Study Encyclopedia-55 Techniques for Those Who Do Not Want to Give Up “Learning”Over one lakh copies!The bookToNoriyuki Yanagawa, Professor at the University of TokyoBut“The author’s knowledge is excessive”,Independent researcher Shu Yamaguchias well as“This book is very interesting”Many people, from business people to university students, have published their learning methods on SNS, which has been the subject of much discussion.
In this series, the author’s reading monkey said, “I can not continue my studies,” “I ‘m not motivated,” “I do not know how to set goals,” “I have to write the exam,” “I want to publish English,” and so on. Trouble. ”From today, I’ll show you how to use it for a lifetime. (Illustrated by: Izumi Shiokawa)
* Revised and revised the questions based on the questions addressed to the author of “Marshmallow”. Reading Monkey MarshmallowHere

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[ചോദ്യം] If you check out the detailed articles on science fiction, you will be drawn to it. However, it looks like another world, I can not understand it. I want to teach you a good book in the introductory book of science fiction.

I can not think of an introduction to science fiction to understand, but …

[മങ്കി ഉത്തരം വായിക്കുന്നു]In fact, I think this is a “different world”.“Miss Bernard says.”Recommended. Please note the hot (mama) story of Miss Shiori Kamibayashi.

All of this is required, so here are some introductions to science fiction written in Japan.

Masami FukushimaS SF IntroductionHayakawa Publishing,“The World of Science Fiction”(Sancido) is a science fiction introductory book written by a pioneer of Japanese science fiction.

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Written by Yasutaka Sutsui“SF Classroom”(Poplar Publishing) is a valuable book for young people. In addition to Sutsui, Aritzun writes for Toyota and Norio Ito.

Sakyo Komatsu“Sakyo Komatsu SF Seminar”(Shuisha Banco) Contains a review of foreign and Japanese science fiction, a history of Japanese science fiction, a description of the author’s work, literary essentialism, and fiction.

Norio Ito“Science Fiction Literature and the General Commentary on the World”(Jiu Kokuminsha). This is a concise focused work guide.

Hiroshi Aramata“Communication with another world”(Chikuma Bango) is an introductory guide to fantasy literature. The last book guide of the book is also amazing.

Ishihara Fujio“SF Book Commentary Catalog”(SF Material Study Group). The SF Material Study Group has a remarkable reference to the “bibliography of SF bibliography”.

Finally, Junia Yokota, who started the science fiction of reading monkeys, unusually, personally.“Nihon SF Cotton Classic Three Volumes”(Shuisha Banco). This is a wonderful work of discovery of hidden science fiction in Japan. The opening is going to drive me crazy from “Carbon Taekwondo”. Although this is a reference book for science, there is an introduction to the characters,

Sumikichi = childhood name Congo Ishimaru, later Taiko Sumikichi.
Kato Oxygen = Sumikichi’s Gate, Strictly speaking Kato Oxygen Nosuke Kiomasa.
Fukushima Hydrogen = Sumikichi’s Gate, Fukushima Hydrogen Matsu Masonry.
Nitrogen Tekanaka = Guest of Staff Chief Sumikichi.

Toyotomi Hidayoshi is the hero of the human world. Carbon is the best person in the world. I wrote this book in honor of Taikoki based on the author’s idea that if there is carbon in the human soul, it should be like the charcoal luck in this book.
There is no doubt that the figure of Hidayoshi in this book is remembered and that he can learn the great achievements of carbon.

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Yokota relies on a large amount of old books he bought for himself, but today we can browse some of them over the internet. For example, carbon dioxideNational Diet Library Digital CollectionYou can read it here.

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