This is a valuable new theory

This is a valuable new theory

How was the moon created? There are many theories, but now a new version seems to be gaining more weight. Here are the keys to this new study.

Much has been investigated about the origin of the universe. More specifically, a specific path was followed The creation of things that concern us because they are close to Earth. The best example of this is shown by the moon, which has accompanied our planet for millions of years. Now, what was the origin of this mass found in our orbit? There is a lot of open research, but a new theory can destroy all previous work.

Traditionally, Earth was believed to have been influenced by Thea, a smaller element than a planet like Mars, which at the time was far from what it is today. Because of this, most of the land mass began to emerge from the atmosphere itself. Gravitational force He was putting the pieces together until he created the moon. Moreover, this phenomenon would have occurred in a very short period of time. Maybe only 100 years old. Is there room for other theories and alternatives? The truth is that there is a new version.

let’s see Which is the last option to be evaluated A new theory about the creation of the lunar satellite, why it makes sense in the future, and indeed how scientifically feasible it is. The Moon will continue to be a topic of debate for the scientific community. It has been studied everywhere, and even so, it still presents a whole range of secrets to discover.

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The study of meteorites that fell in the 2000s will hold the key

According to the information provided Wired, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH for its acronym in English) investigated the matter. It was led by PhD student Patricia Will. To take the new theory, it is based on Analysis of a total of 6 meteorites It fell in Antarctica at the beginning of this century. What has been found so far? Here are the keys to this new alternative that has emerged.

Moon, satellite "was cut off" Of Earth: Studies reveal that the two stars were once one

There are many theories about the creation of the moon like

According to official research published in the journal Science science, was able to examine how helium and neon were found in these meteorites, materials trapped in very small glass beads. What is interesting is such a suggestion Could have formed in volcanic eruptions On the lunar surface when magma was extracted from the interior of the moon. So this could be a new theory that changes the way we understand the origin of the Moon.

One of the conclusions of the research is contained Similar composition of rocks found on Earth and Moon. However, there is a notable difference in the satellite case that is directly related to the presence of a lower chlorine fraction. This may indicate that a dramatic event could tear apart a portion of the giant size that gave rise to these 2 forms within the Solar System.

Thank you for making this discovery possible A mass spectrometer is used. It is nothing more than a meter that separates the individual weights of the molecules and thus manages to determine what chemicals are present in a given substance. This is an important advance that paves the way for new research to determine the origin of the Moon.

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