“This is 100% UFO”. Video that invalidates everything

"This is 100% UFO".  Video that invalidates everything

‘S fans UFO He recently commented enthusiastically about the spread on the web of an amazing video made by a video camera installed on the International Space Station (ISS). In fact, the clip in question is an “immortalization”Bright flying object“Goo conspirators with the extraterrestrial spacecraft immediately recognized that this video was made during the live streaming of the SS HD Earth Viewing experiment. Provoked provocation in inspired video.

The Clip Made by the RSS Video Camera during the Earth Viewing Experiment, first published on the Internet as part of a high-definition Earth observation experiment, showing a triangular objectQuattro Flashing lights“It flew through the galaxy and flew through the space station.100% aliensScott Warring, one of the ufologists in the group, stated that the shiny object captured by the ISS video camera was in fact inhuman.

He then described the features of the spacecraft: “This object has four strong light zones. Every corner of it glows, and the center of the front glows, I think it’s part of a cockpit or part of propulsion. This is absolutely mind boggling … it’s an alien crash … I believe 100% aliens“The fact that ISS equipment immortalized that spacecraft makes the theory of extraterrestrial behavior of the same glowing body even more plausible, according to Waring:”We can not ignore the facts in front of us, which was recorded by the multi-billion dollar camera of the International Space Station“.

The ufologist analyzed the video of the earth viewing experiment with the help of advanced software to focus on the characteristics of the triangular object. So Warring a “Solid structure“You can see between those niggles and the colorful lights. Scott’s views on sights shared by other UFO lovers and gossip theorists on the web and relaunched. Thanks for presenting the RSS clip in detail.Aliens“Of the object in the center of the shot.

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