This Irishman invented the snowboard bike

This Irishman invented the snowboard bike

This is not the first time the bike has come in several models. There are several prototypes of bicycles lying down and getting up, on one wheel, or three, alone or in pairs. The newest is the snowboard bike, also known as the Veloboard or Snowboard Bike. As its name implies, this object brings together two completely different modes of transport: bicycle and snowboard.

Snowboard bike: A question of balance

This idea comes to us from Michael Killian, more precisely from Ireland, the origin of other bikes that are as unusual as the snowboard bike. We use this new invention Equilibrium It is related to our inner ear. Of course, it has three semicircular channels arranged at right angles that find balance on three axes. Human equilibrium is done from front to back and from left to right and rotation. When we use a normal bike, we use our balance from left to right and side to side. Front-to-back balance is used for snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and much more. However, to pilot a snowboard bike, it is necessary Use the balance back and forthThis radically changes the use of the simple cycle.

Overflowing imagination

A saddle is placed in the middle between the two parts of the handlebars: one on the right and the other on the left. Unlike a bicycle, Veloboard runs to the side Not facing the road. So rolling to the side joins the principle of snowboarding. So it is essential to have balance to walk quietly with this new machine.

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As explained earlier, the snowboard is not a bike Not the first strange invention Michael Killian. Long before Veloboard, he invented other unusual modes of transport Terrible two bikesIn other words Scary Dual Bike. It spins like a bicycle, with the body and pedals facing the road. In contrast, this bike has bar handles on two handles attached to each wheel. TheSailing Bike Part of his work is the bicycle, with the handle bars well fixed to the driver’s back.

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