This country will pay its citizens to pay for vaccinations

This country will pay its citizens to pay for vaccinations

Serbs who have already been vaccinated or who have been vaccinated before the end of May will receive 25 euros.

This is clearly the first in the world. In Serbia, vaccination against Kovid-19 is effective. of course Le FigaroSerbian President Alexander Vusic has revealed that each person who gets the vaccine will be paid 25 euros and that all those who come by the end of May will be included. His short-term goal: By the end of the month, three million people will have received a single dose.

Because Serbia is a good student when it comes to vaccination. With a population of seven million, at least 1.3 million people have already received at least one dose. But in the opinion of our colleagues, interest in anti-Kovid serum has waned in public opinion. In terms of vaccine strategy, Serbia has used a variety of laboratories, including Western, Russian, and Chinese. President Wusik added that the vaccine was evidence of responsibility. He said more about public sector employees: Not everyone who currently contracts Covid-19 and has not been vaccinated will benefit from compensation during sick leave.

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Donuts in the United States, beers and pizzas in Israel

In some countries, companies have offered benefits to their employees and have never offered financial rewards, says a Serbian epidemiologist. As reminded Huffington Post, New Jersey (United States) decided to give a beer to all its vaccinations, (…)

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