This character should not have returned in Season 6

This character should not have returned in Season 6

Our Anglo-Saxon colleagues were interviewed from the site MetroOn March 6, the creator of the series Peek-a-boo blinds Discussed the shocking return of a character from the sixth and final season.

Introduced in 2013 Series Peek-a-boo blinds This year will end in 2022 With a sixth season full of twists and turns arriving after a long two-year hiatus. The second one not yet available on Netflix, A symbolic character of the show should not have returned to the screenFinally, as revealed by our British colleagues on the site Metro, Sunday, March 6. This is what Tom Hardy is playing The role of Alfie Solomons. He should not return to the series created by Steven Knight, but “Plan changed”As he explained.

An actor who cared a lot about his character

Why ? “Because Tom really likes this character”, The 62-year-old English screenwriter and producer explained that the comeback, which was not initially planned in the script, was to the actor’s liking. As a reminder, fans Peek-a-boo blinds Alfie Solomons is believed to be dead, and Tommy Shelby is killed (Presented by Irish comedian Celian Murphy) In the fourth season. But by the end of the fifth season of the series, we realize that the character played by Tom Hardy is still alive. Tommy visits her at Margate, Even if he keeps significant cuts at the level of his face. In the recent trailer for the final season of the series, In fact, we found out that Alfie Solomons was still in the game.

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A return to sowing “Trouble”

Anyway, from the first episode of Season 6 Peek-a-boo blinds, It’s about the “Solomons family”. That was enough for a loyal audience Imagine that Tommy Shelby’s reconciliation with a Jewish leader is possible. As our Anglo-Saxon colleagues Digital Spy, Last February, the creator of the series, Steven Knight, gave an interview Radio Times. He then warned the fans I had to prepare “Trouble” Due to the return of Alfie Solomons On the screen. “I think it’s hard to explain without saying too much, but we may find Alfie in a position where it’s not as important as usual.”He said, adding that “The question is whether he can recreate himself.” After previous events.

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