This border collie is said to be the oldest dog on record in Ireland!

This border collie is said to be the oldest dog on record in Ireland!

An Irish Border Collie has reached the incredible age of 26!

All pet owners dream that their companion will share their life as long as possible. Patrick GeraghtyA former Irish farmer is living that dream with his 26-year-old border collie.

Patrick’s neighbor shared her story on Twitter

This is it Fergus Sweeneythe neighbor PatrickWho wanted to tell the incredible story of this former farmer. lotCollected, as he calls it Skippy As a very small puppy in the summer of 1995. Skippy Lived as a farm dog, a role that suited him perfectly. Of course, border collies were originally bred to assist breeders and herd and guide livestock.

Article illustration: This border collie is said to be the oldest dog on record in Ireland!

© Fergus Sweeney/Twitter

Skippy is Ireland’s oldest dog

26 years old, Skippy Will be the oldest dog in Ireland. There are no official records to prove his date of birth. But many are neighbors and friends lot To remember the presence of the puppy in the 90s. One of them remembers it Skippy He followed his car when he moved to the area 20 years ago. The Border Collie is one of the oldest dogs in the world! By comparison, it’s like a 130- to 145-year-old man. An impressive record!

A dog weakened by age, but still very close to its master

Skippy Still healthy for his age. Obviously, his mobility has decreased and he no longer works on the farm. He is enjoying a well-deserved retirement. His master now has to help him up and make sure to feed him several meals a day. Skippy also suffers from deafness.

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Despite the difficulties, the animal is still very attached to its owner. “We are good friends“, said lotIn reported words My modern meet. “Now it’s my turn to take care of him. He was good to me when he was healthy but he is depressed and I have to water him four times a day and feed him three times a day. But that doesn’t bother me.

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