This AI swallows 91% of unwanted cookies

Une nouvelle IA pourrait désactiver automatiquement les cookies non essentiels sur 91 % des sites Web. © RyanMcGuire, Pixabay

Researchers in the United States have decided to tackle ubiquitous pop-ups and banners on the web asking for permission for cookies. With Artificial Intelligence, cookie enforcers can automatically reject non-essential cookies on 91% of sites.

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With general data protection control (RGPD), Founded by the European Union Privacy At the center of concern are these citizens. However, this has led to the current situation where sites are constantly asking for your consent Cookies And the format changes from site to site.

In these pop-ups, Internet users have learned to click without reading, often to accept Cookies Because it is the most prominent button. However, thanks to researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Google, A solution is on the horizon. Their system, called CookieEnforcer, automatically rejects unwanted cookies.

An AI as a browser extension soon

The researchers trained an artificial intelligence to navigate Code Source To find notifications related to web pages and cookies. She then makes one Semantic analysis Text and various options for mimicking mouse clicks and disabling junk. Thus, the system can work on sites and notification systems that have not yet been encountered.

Researchers later tested the cookie enforcer on 500 new sites. AI Successfully disabled non-essential cookies on 91% of sites. This system is not yet available to the public, but researchers may release it as a simple browser extension in the future.

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