Thirty-five returned positive, and 10 soldiers became ill

Thirty-five returned positive, and 10 soldiers became ill

The latest SARS-Cove-2 sequence conducted by Cotugno Super Laboratory on the targeted group of positive swabs sent by Asl Napoli 2 nord is a dirty tile coming to Campania: 13 new infections emerge in 24 hours. Variety Omicron, 10 associated with the armyAir Force It enrolls two 14-year-olds who went abroad for internships from two classes at De Carlo State Scientific High School in Giugliano, Dublin.

Finally, there is the thirteenth case identified by the Zooprophylactic Institute of Portici regarding a 22-year-old woman living in Salerno who has just returned from Paris, and Provincial ASL is now investigating their contacts. It is essential to understand all the effects of the institute’s continuous sequencing activity in coordination with the Institute Cotugno Hospital (coordinating with the Higher Institute of Health) and Taigam, especially in these times of intensifying infections. Allow virus evolution and targeted immune response.

Needless to say, the cluster from the Giugliano school groups is the most troubling, with two Omicon cases, arranged as a sample, emerging from about 35 explosions. Students Positive in 69 young people who have now traveled abroad to focus on the inevitable continuing epidemiological study of ASL.

On the other hand, many young people are already negative. There are two classes, for a total of 69 students, all in isolation for about a week. The return trip from Dublin took place on December 5th. Two days later, the parents of the children, who were skeptical of the onset of symptoms, began to request a tampon. In the first case, the positive swabs were 25, then they became 35. As a result of sequencing taken for two swabs selected as a sample, a good response was received last night from Cotugno for Omicron. The original Napoli 2 node was sent on Thursday by 12 swabs to make emergency arrangements with a group of Air Force soldiers to the Microbiology Laboratory at the Center for Infectious Diseases. Tests found 10 other Omicron variants. Two colonels returning from a mission in South Africa and eight of the 80 soldiers in solitary confinement on a bus carrying graduates on some voyages.

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Meanwhile, access to intensive care in Campania increased by 7 units in 24 hours, while 17 new positives have crossed the threshold of one Kovid hospital for treatment. Yesterday was the hospital’s first leap, accompanied by an increase in infections for the first time in weeks.

Yesterday, 1,841 people were newly diagnosed with the disease. A situation prompting President Vincenzo de Luka to sound the alarm is a warning to the local crisis unit: “Kovid has a rapid spread – he stressed – we are in the middle of a fourth wave. Only immunizations can limit serious cases. We are in Italy even closer to the standards set in other European countries, and we need to reopen intensive care, he added, adding that if this continues, we will have to close regular wards and reopen intensive care units.

Currently, daily infections in Campania are halved between vaccinated and non-vaccinated, but are still represented in 90 percent of those exposed to the virus with their bare hands in hospitals.

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