They will be left without WhatsApp: these are cell phones that have not been able to use the app since October

Se quedarán sin WhatsApp: Estos son los celulares que ya no podrán usar la aplicación desde octubre

May 23. 2022 – 22:00 hrs.

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp New tools are constantly being implemented to improve the performance and experience of users.

Unfortunately, these updates are not for everyone. The popular app will introduce updates that are not compatible with some devices, and millions of people these days are unable to use the much-needed social network.

Most of the antiques that do not remain on the platform are very old models that have become obsolete due to changes in the app configuration.

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In the opinion of experts from WABetaInfoWhatsApp is no longer compatible with the version of the operating system iOS 10 E iOS 11And on carrier phones that cannot be upgraded iOS 12.

This way, the app will stop supporting these phones and versions of iOS from now on October 24. As part of this, the App Help Center recommends that users use iOS 12 and later to secure access to the social network from their mobile phones.

Which cell phones will be left without WhatsApp in October?

As announced in detail, the world’s leading messaging app will no longer be available on mobile devices from October iPhone 5 y 5cThey were released in 2012 and 2013, respectively, and could not be updated to iOS 12 at the manufacturer’s discretion. Apple.

Meanwhile, all users with A From iPhone 6 As long as the version of the operating system is updated, they can continue to access WhatsApp.

In the case of devices running the mobile operating system of GoogleIt is essential to have Android 4.1 the above.

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