They use the bones of African American children to storm two U.S. universities – Ultima Ora

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(ANSA) – Washington, April 24 – Two universities in the Ivy League storm in the USA. An apology goes to the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton for allegedly protecting the bones of some African American children killed by Philadelphia police in 1985 and using them for educational purposes. They demand that the waste be re-established.

The facts are that agents who tried to clean up a building owned by African American anarchist militants and end the armed conflict decided to throw some explosives from a helicopter 36 years ago.

Eleven people, including five children, died. Bone fragments from victims’ remains, including the pelvis and the nerve of an African American girl, will now be used as part of an online course in forensic anthropology. Little did they know that the two universities had kept the remains of the victims in the absence of any permission from the family members.

“We are gathering all the information we need to understand how things went,” a Princeton spokesman said. The movement’s leaders, including the victims of the 1985 events, are demanding justice and launching an investigation. Meanwhile, Bklack Lives Matter from Philadelphia announced a demonstration on April 28 in front of the University of Pennsylvania. (On the handle).

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