They smash and pay Euromillions: Two Northern Irish life partners promise charity to Maxi

They smash and pay Euromillions: Two Northern Irish life partners promise charity to Maxi

Vin shared with family and friends – The story of Frances (56), who retired after a lifetime, and Patrick (58), the owner of a small plastic packaging business that smashed EuroMillions 2019, has changed the whole of Britain. Because, as the “messenger” writes, as soon as he learned of the millionaire’s success, the two took the pen and paper and made a list of people to share that money with: family, daughters with husbands, three grandchildren; Then his three sisters and two brothers, her three sisters, her father, and still uncles, aunts, and cousins. Then came neighbors and friends, people who helped the girls when they were little, childhood friends, and co-workers.

And Charity – Thus Connellis provided “financial assistance” to 175 families. “It was a great feeling,” says Francis. There was still a lot of money left. Charity arrived. Frances and Patrick created two bases to help County Downon in Northern Ireland: charitable associations, shelters, and help points for the needy. “We wanted our money to make a difference in the lives of the people we helped,” Francis explains. With the Kovid epidemic, they help hospitals, donate computers and tablets, and keep patients in touch with their families. “We get letters of thanks every day,” says Francis. For example, an 85-year-old man thanked a donated laptop and said he was happy to be able to talk to children from the hospital room.

Two Connolly Charities – In Northern Ireland, the Cornelius Kathleen Graham Trust was created in memory of Francis’ mother, who died a year before the victory. “He was the most honorable person I have ever met,” she recalls. The PFC Trust was born to help “improve the lives of those who live in our area.” Money came in to help many people in need. Finally, lots of presents: All of these will be distributed in hospitals these days for patients who can’t go home for Christmas.

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No coaching and no great villa – Therefore, Cornelius does not need that personal coaching service (created by the French lottery, Franൈois des Jukez, one) and many “big winners” are used to better manage their new lives after winning. Real “motivational assistants” with important individuals who succeed to use the quick rain of money without losing their minds. Of course, Francis and Patrick gave themselves a beautiful villa: the day after the victory they went to a real estate agency to buy a new house: to bring together a five-bedroom villa, a swimming pool and a large park. Family, County Durham.

The story of two Northern Irish spouses comes next to a new drawing, the fourth richest prize in the European Millions European Lottery: winners of 200 million euros between France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, five correct numbers and two “good stars” will be found on the ticket

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