They reveal the origin of Saturn’s rings

They reveal the origin of Saturn's rings

According to scienceRings Sat They are astronomically very recent: about 100 million years. However, it was still what it was An unknown person That is the way They formed

at this time, A study Published in the journal led by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). science suggests that The destruction of an ancient moon may be the origin Its characteristic rings the planet It currently hosts 83 satellites.

Research also raises Possible explanations for the tilt of the planet The curious orbit of its largest moon, Titan, is a couple of questions that remain unanswered for astronomers.

To make this observation, Jack Wisdom (MIT) and his team used various numerical simulations. Data from the recent Cassini mission (Joint project of NASA, European Space Agency and Italian Space Agency) Its objective was to study Saturn and its moons.

Saturn’s rings and slopes originate from the moon Chrysalis

The study suggests that about 150 million years ago, Saturn’s system experienced a violent event: An old LunaCalled chrysalis and orbited the gas giant for billions of years, Unstable, very close to the planet.

the reason, The moon hit Saturn and caused the planet’s current tilt. Later, part of that moon was able to remain in orbit Broken into small pieces Ice It gave rise to Saturn’s rings.

The authors believe that the same phenomenon may be the cause Orbital eccentricity of Titan (Saturn’s largest moon) will increase To its high current value, it will explain Oblique form of Saturn.

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a Analytical essay Who is publishing? scienceMaryame El Moutamid from Cornell University highlights the MIT study Provides plausible explanations But it implies More research is needed to confirm them.“To better define Saturn’s polar moment and the possibility of similar events on other ringed planets.”

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