They recover the world’s oldest DNA from the remains of mammoths more than a million years old | Technology

They recover the world's oldest DNA from the remains of mammoths more than a million years old |  Technology

The world’s oldest known DNA, One million years, Found in the teeth of mammoths buried in permafrost in Siberia, a study published on Wednesday revealed.

Analyzes of the three models of Mammoth It sheds light on the ice age ruled by large mammals and the legacy of the woolly mammoth, whose last specimens disappeared 4,000 years ago on the island of Rankel off the coast of Siberia.

Deciffered genomes are older than the oldest DNA ever organized. 500,000, 700,000 years old.

A woolly mammoth tooth found on Rankle Island | Agencies France-Press

In this case, the DNA is “incredibly old. The specimens are a thousand times older than the remains of the Vikings, even before the existence of modern humans and Neanderthals ”. Love Love Dalen, a professor at the Stockholm Center for Paleontology, who oversaw the study, published in the journal Nature, explains with excitement.

Fossils were found in Siberia in the 1970s Permafrost, Kept at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Love Dalen and co-author Patricia Peknerov with a big trunk on Rankle Island | EFE / Nature / Gleb Danilov

The researchers were able to date the teeth (molars) compared to other organisms, such as small mice, found in the same debris layer.

Early comparisons indicate that the two largest mammals are steppe mammoths, more than a million years old. Of the three models, the “youngest”, approx 800,000 years, The oldest woolly mammoth ever found.

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