They killed her daughter and pursued her revenge

They killed her daughter and pursued her revenge

– It reads like an improbable thriller novel, but everything is very true. The story of Assam Ahmed New York Times Magazine Tracks the incredible story of Miriam Rodriguez in Mexico. In 2014, an adult daughter was abducted in San Fernando and then tortured and murdered by her captors despite the family paying a ransom. The police did nothing to catch the culprits, which led Rodriguez to a combination of private detective and vigilance. The story of her daughter’s abduction identified the suspects, and then fake ID cards and roles (Paulster, a government official, a health worker, etc.) came to her. They will hold them alone with a handgun until the police arrive to make an arrest.

“Overall, she was instrumental in bringing down 10 people, and a mad campaign for justice made her famous but weakened,” Ahmed writes. After all, no one pursued organized crime as they did, let alone a private citizen in his fifties. “I do not mind if they kill me,” Rodriguez once said. “I died the day they killed my daughter. … I’m going to get people out who hurt my daughter and they can do anything to me. “However, after two dozen prisoners escaped from prison, they asked the government for protection. Police say they patrolled her home from time to time but it was not enough. On Mother’s Day 2017, gunmen shot and killed Rodriguez outside her home. Read The whole story. (Read longer stories.)

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