“They harassed the employees of the largest Ukrainian nuclear power plant” .. The minister blamed the Russians

"They harassed the employees of the largest Ukrainian nuclear power plant" .. The minister blamed the Russians

Ukrainian Energy Minister Hermann Halushenko today (Wednesday) blamed the presence of Russian forces on tensions in the Ukrainian territory. Nuclear plant at ZaporizhiaIn the southeast of the country, “by harassing employees to record a video intended to be used for campaign purposes.”

In a detailed statement on his Facebook page, he said the Russians were compelled to provide information to the ministry. The largest station in Europe In recording a forced confession with the aim of spreading false news through the Russian media in order to deceive Russian citizens and the world.

Physically and mentally exhausted

He also stated that he was taken into custody Station Operating Staff Captive for 4 days, according to his appearance, the staff was physically and mentally exhausted.

He said there were about 500 Russian troops and 50 units of heavy equipment inside the station.

Well, crash warning Nuclear power plant The use of weapons by the Russian military will lead to a catastrophe across Europe. “We must end Russian nuclear terrorism before it is too late,” he said.

He also called on his country’s allies to take all possible steps to withdraw Russian troops from the seized nuclear facilities.

He reiterated his demand for a complete ban on air travel in the Ukrainian airspace.

Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Either inside Chernobyl nuclear power plantIn northern Ukraine, the International Atomic Energy Agency warned in a statement yesterday that radioactive waste monitoring systems had stopped sending data to it.

Director-General Rafael Grossi commented that the agency would no longer receive data from surveillance systems intended to track nuclear materials.

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While more than 200 technicians and guards are still trapped on the site, they have been working under Russian supervision for 13 consecutive days.

It is noteworthy that the Russian army, which launched a military operation in the Ukrainian territory on February 24, took control of the Chernobyl reactor in the early days and later. Supporigia (Last week), after it caught fire, the whole world was on high alert for fear of a “nuclear” catastrophe.

The limited Russian military action, as described by Moscow, came in the wake of Kyiv’s urgent need to join NATO in recent months, after allegations surfaced that its western neighbor was trying to acquire quality weapons that threatened its security.

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