They found that an asteroid had crashed

They found that an asteroid had crashed

On March 11, a 3 m wide asteroid may have entered the atmosphere and reached the surface near Iceland, writes IFL Science. A feature of the object was found 2 hours before arrival.

It is the fifth asteroid to be discovered before the impact.

It is not yet clear whether the asteroid actually reached the surface or has already exploded in the atmosphere, but according to local news, a large fireball has been observed from Iceland anyway. The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Near-Earth Object Research Center has begun collecting potential images.

Mark Garlick / Science Photo Library / Getty Images

The celestial body is Hungarian Christian Sarneki I found someone who was aware of a bright and fast moving object in the night sky. Named Sar2593, the asteroid was initially thought to be less than 1 percent likely, but subsequent data have already shown a 100 percent chance. That’s when astronomers around the world began to study asteroids.

The asteroid was able to reach Earth on March 11 between 10:21 and 10:25 a.m. Hungarian time. There is currently no clear evidence of a landing, but there are indications of an impact. For example, Icelandic and Greenland equipment can capture 2-3 kilotons of collision marks, indicating that the object is 3-4 meters in diameter.

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