They discover a new species of dinosaur that resembles a creation from Star Wars

Un equipo de investigadores descubrió un esqueleto fosilizado similar a una criatura que aparece en la película Star Wars: Los últimos Jedi

Discovered by an international team of paleontologists A fossilized skeleton Inside a rock in the Chinese province Hube The team examined with the help of X-ray images Small flying animal He compared it to a similar work that appears in the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Scientists who published the discovery Pierre Magazine, They realized Dinosaur A new breed and breed pterosaurio Called Sinomacrops Bondi.

Scientists have identified the dinosaur as a new genus, a pterosaur species known as Sinomacrops bondi.Shao Chuang

Although squashed to erase many details, The model is perfectly finished And provides New information for the groupThe researchers wrote in the report.

The use of X-ray images allowed the team of researchers to reconstruct A small winged animal that became extinct about 160 million years ago. According to Megan Jabobs, Paleontologist Boiler University, Texas, United States, This flying dinosaur lived among the trees in the current China, Had big eyes and a smile on his face Porges, The smallest native creatures on the planet Ah-tu From the story Star Wars.

“This dinosaur is round and has big, forward eyes. Most tetrosers There are long snouts with small teeth during this period, ”Jacobs said Cinematic works.

Created by specialists Illustrations to show form‌ You probably have The dinosaur still existed. Images: Shows a work that feels a little A flying squirrel, But has a salamander-like trunk instead of a rat-infested body With large membrane wings Out on each side. It has eyes, a wide smile, and a short tail between a pair of legs.

Sinomacrops is very different from its larger, often frightening relatives.
Sinomacrops is very different from its larger, often frightening relatives.Pierre

It may have been a dinosaur Fur, But not hair or feathers. Scientists believe it was covered The skin of tufted “pyknofibers”, Completely different coverage that evolved independently.

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Although it is part of the family pterosaurios, The Sinomacrops Often differs from its larger Intimidating relatives, Was once very good Like giraffesWith their long beaks, they were hungry for dead dinosaurs.

Scientists believe it is a new creation they have discovered Prehistoric version of bats, Travels in low light conditions to catch insects and eat them as their main food.

Jabobs said the findings are exciting pterosaur fossils Very rare as thin hollow bones They are not so well kept Like other creations. “Finding these first pterosaurs really gives an idea How they began to adapt Modify the sides of their skeletons, ”said the paleontologist.


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