They declare that it will change the way they say the success of their constructions

While announcing the third quarter results, Netflix It promised more transparency when it came to how shows and movies work. So far, the company has taken the lead Hostings de Roseau She is very reserved on platform metrics, and each time they share a number. This is usually associated with audience recordings such as the one you recently set up. Squid game.

By the way Netflix He told me how the construction of his catalog goes through the unique accounts that saw a title. For example, these terms Extraction As the most-watched movie, 99 million users gave the green light to a series, and the series saw the South Korean hit 142 million unique accounts and all 214 million subscribers.

At the time of accounting, the company considered it valid for anyone to reproduce at least two minutes of a series or movie. In that sense, revivals and contexts abandoned before the completion of a fiction were outside the equation. From now on, products will be calculated from cumulative regeneration times.

This system is similar to the one used in the instruction Nielsen It seems to be more transparent in the scale and extent of the audience’s real connection to a series or a movie. If you adopt this model, Bridgetton, Watching 625 million hours, leader. On the movie side, Extraction The first place is lost and is about 50 hours late Bird Sanctuary, Most viewed, on a podium where it appears Irish, Since Martin Scorsese, With 215 hours.

What fans say about Netflix’s change

As explained, it offers more transparency of procedures Deadline, Ask agencies and actors involved in company titles. For lovers of statistics, this is a big fact, as it was very difficult to know exactly how series and movies go on the platform. They can only see the top 10 trends appearing in each country.

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In an article about success Things to clean, Is in the process of moving Gambit de la dame As the most watched miniseries, readers Divulgatcher They thought about this change. Interestingly, in a survey conducted, the vote came out equal to the water split: 50% of users prefer to count with the other half playing hours.

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