They are free and online: No. 1 technology company launches a course to study programming | Chronicle

They are free and online: No. 1 technology company launches a course to study programming |  Chronicle

As a result of the recent high demand for programmers, the Microsoft giant has decided to introduce this new proposal for those interested in the subject.

Programming course It will be completely freeIt also targets people who want to learn basic programming skills and tools. Previous experience is not required To write you.

Today, companies from different sectors are asking their future employees to know at least the basics of programming. Thus, As one of the exemption requirements When getting a job.

Thousands of people around the world are becoming more and more interested in learning about programming because the technology sector has become one of the most influential. Better payments.

What is this new free course from Microsoft about?

In the last hours, the technology company released a news release that can be found on its web platform. “Azure Cloud Lawyers”.

Includes course for web developers 24 classes, which will be given over a period of 12 weeks. As the main goal, professionals will try to teach the course members how to use the basic tools JavaScript, CSS y HTML.

Classes are offered online.

In each class, students must write an exam to prove that they know how to apply what they have learned. They only have certain instructions for performing the task, which the student should follow within the allotted time.

They pointed out from the technology company that this course is not similar to any other course related to programming because it has two basic pedagogical principles. The first of these is related to the fact that it is project based. The second principle refers to the fact that the course in question often includes questionnaires.

The curriculum includes a typing game, a virtual terrarium, a “green” browser extension, a game like “Space Invaders”, and finally a business banking app.

There is a huge demand for programming jobs.

There is a huge demand for programming jobs.

In addition, those responsible for the course indicated that once the introductory program was completed, it would be appropriate to study the basic tools of “Node.js”. From the same platform, Azure Cloud Advocates, you can watch a series of videos for beginners on this topic.

Those who want to continue training as Web developers and programmersThere are many introductory videos for beginners to approach this new world so they can do it from the same platform.

Even the introductory Microsoft course offers job opportunities for those interested in the subject.

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