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They are easier to hack than a smartphone

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Connecting cars are high risk and research has shown how easy it is to hack our car, you need to pay attention.

Connected cars hacked – Motori.News

The Technology Is very important Has led to many New developments Inn Many fieldsThat too The world of cars That’s it. Each is a thing Good thingVery often it is Hides a negative, As in this case. Connected car to give The information and help us is very usefulThat too is very bad Easy to hack. A Research The ad showed how High risk A sense of connecting, from a Well done hacker They could have sent us inside Tilt the car.

What’s happening in particular?

Cars now Connected to technical equipment, And can no longer do without it. This is now The need for a driver Led to A Recession in productiongiven that No chips found To identify this function in the car. But now the The problem The bigger I throw Cyber ​​securityNo one says Hacker Is Very easy to hack Our car. CautionLet’s not talk Thefts or stealing our carAs happens in the eye Street thieves, The The effects are different.

Screen automatically
All cars now have a screen that connects to the phone –

If we do not speak Stolen cars Oh you Simple radio equipment to pick up, What are we talking about? Okay, let’s talk Very big risksThat ‘s it Hacker That Hacker Our car, it takes Check. That is to say check it out I. Car operating systemsWherever he is. There The electronic part will no longer respond to usSo brings the car Useless. Things may go too WorseMaybe if They will ask for ransomEvery distance Go back IThe car as before.

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How did you notice this?

David Colombo This one At a very young age ResearcherOr a Cyber ​​Security TedescoOf the sun 19 years. He found out Casa His it Tesla is very easy to hackGoing to 25 cars are violatedInn Different states in the world. David was able to open and close the car doors from his roomAdvertising Use headlightsA Sound the hornAD He also turned on the radios. In short, Sloping mandava Unfortunate cars, luckily he’s not one Hacker.

A Tesla photo
Tesla seems to have been hit hardest by this hacker attack –

This Testing is open to the real problemEven if Colombo It’s not a big deal HackerSome already They started in this system. A There is no solution nowIf not a lot to do Attention. Of course yes It’s hard to pay attentionEverything now Cars are connectedso am I Easy to catch To these gentlemen. Who knows where it will end up, maybe they will start sellingAntivirus for machines.

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