These spiders can hear with their feet

These spiders can hear with their feet

Big eyes and legs that can hear … this spider has it all.

Video Screenshot by Gayle Fashingbear Cooper / Cinet

Legs seem to be very useful for spiders – after all, there are eight of them. But a Recent Cornell University study A special type of arachnid not only moves around the legs, but also hears the prey through the air – revealing that it turns into lunch.

Research, Published in the journal Current Biology, Turns spiders into marvel superheroes. It has been confirmed that spiders use sensors with metatarsal sensitivity or tip of the foot to detect sound, which then triggers “split-second, ninja-like backfill” to attack suspicious airborne insects, bag them into web webs and then eat them. . “

Dynopis spinosa is the scientific name for a nocturnal creature found in the southeastern United States.

Leading author Jay Staffstrom said in a video that the spiders in the study were “the best spiders on the planet.” They do nothing during the day, but hide and wait for sunset. Their web construction is unusual – they create a “frame web” in the shape of the letter A and then create a “dim and rectangular net” which they use with their front and use it to actively catch prey.

In addition to the unusual webs and multi-talented legs, spiders are notable for their large eyes, which Staffstrom calls “the biggest eyes of any spider.”

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