These places from the movie really exist!

These places from the movie really exist!

“Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation”: Travel to Locations

What would Christmas be like without the romantic comedy “Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation” starring Cameron Diaz and Jude Law? The film is set in southern England and elsewhere, and can be visited in some places.

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It was dark, cold and uncomfortable outside – the sofa was calling your name out loud. Could there have been a better time to watch the romantic Christmas movie “Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation”? The 2006 love comedy is about two women who fall in love.

Amanda, who played Cameron Diaz, lives in Los Angeles. The same is true of Iris in England, played by Kate Winslet. Both women agree to swap houses via the internet. Amanda meets Iris’ brother in England, played by Jude Law, and Iris meets one of Amanda’s colleagues (Jack Black). Love stories take their course – but of course there are no barriers.

Although a few locations were created exclusively for the film, there are some places in the south of England that fans can visit.

Comfortable cottage in the country: “Rosehill Cottage”

The rural cottage where Iris lives, Kate Winslet, is unfortunately just a set made by the film team. The inspiration for the cozy little house, “Rosehill Cottage”, however, was a cottage that actually survived.

The “Rosehill Cottage” in the movie “Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation” doesn’t really exist – there is a cottage in Surrey, which is almost identical.

“Honeysuckle Cottage” is a small village in Holbury St. Mary’s in Surrey County, south of England, and looks like the house in the movie “Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation”. In 2018 it was looking for a new owner for less than 15 715,000 and a year later it was selling for 5 685,000. Right-click on the image to see the original.

Married at Conwell Manor

On one of their dates, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Abraham (Jude Law) visit Cornwall Manor, a large estate in Chipping Norton. This small town is about 30 km from Oxford in the south of England. You can not visit the estate, but you can rent it for events. Many couples celebrate their wedding there.

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Have a beer at “The White Horse”

Amanda and Abraham spend their first date at a pub called White Horse in Shire. The small village of Guildford is part of Surrey in the south of England. The interior of the pub has not been changed for the shooting. The small bar and charming fireplace were perfect for a romantic meeting at the cinema. By the way: a photo of the suspicious scene is now hanging on the wall of the pub.

Share is like little Hollywood for romantic comedies, because “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, “Bridget Jones: On the Edge of Madness” and “Wedding Date” were filmed there.

Shopping in snowy Godalming

When Amanda arrives in England, she runs to a quiet, snow-covered city. The film is set in the small town of Godalming, a city of about 20,000 people in Surrey.

However, a lot of artificial snow had to be distributed on the streets for the shooting. The supermarket where Amanda shopped was really a candle shop.

Depending on the Christmas season, the film will air on ZDF Neo from 10:20 pm on Sunday, December 20, and on ZDF from 11:20 pm on Friday, December 25. If you do not want to wait too long, you can stream romantic comedy on Netflix at any time.

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