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These insects kill six termites with a single toxin

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There are termites on every continent of the planet except Antarctica. These insects Form community communities, Like ants, Which makes it difficult for them to fall prey easily.

However, a special method of hunting a pest has been developed. The Lomamia latipennis They are like little worms that inhabit all parts of the planet. These animals excrete a type of aluminum and toxins through the anus, which is deadly to termites. Thus, only the air of a L. Latipennis Can kill up to six termites at a time.

Most notably, the larval stage is 35 times smaller than that of these insects.

(Scott Bauer)

Therefore, the females of this insect lay eggsnear ocal To a Termit Nest. In this way, when the larvae hatch, they hunt with venom. As if it were not strange, the poison does not kill the prey in the face, but paralyzes them. Thus, along with permanent prey, the larvae L. Latipennis They can feed on pests – still alive.

How to hunt with poisonous gases

The first studies with these insects were conducted 80s. The researchers observed that the larvae of insects enter the trunks and nests in search of pests. Once the prey is found, L. Latipennis They stand firmly, well raised at the back of the body, about the height of Termit’s face. The animals released toxins into the air and paralyzed up to 6 termites at a time.

Studies have shown that this toxin is very specific to termites. That is, other insects are not affected by animal attack. This indicates a Evolutionary relationship Very close between the prey and the hunter.

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