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Descubren que Xiaomi ha estado ralentizando de forma consciente algunos smartphones: estos son los modelos afectados. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

New controversy against Shawmi. Via the forum Xiaomi Community ChinaOne user highlighted, after some testing, his LPDDR5 RAM Xiaomi 10T A arrives Low speed comparable to LPDDR4 RAM.

After this event, forum users found that not only the Mi 10T is slow. In fact, the findings suggest that other phones with Snapdragon 865 and similar processors may be experiencing the same problem. Seems to indicate that the company Some of its smartphones are deliberately slowing down.

RAM slowdown on Shawmi phones

LPDDR5 RAM is a technology that, according to its specifications, is capable of Achieve speeds up to 4 Gbps. This speed allows you to control background processes more easily and quickly, i.e. better performance. However, the user has highlighted Tryigitx’s RAM Your Xiaomi 10T offers very low speeds.

According to its test results, LPDDR5 technology reaches its RAM speed 1.5 Gbps only. A measure 2.5 less than the speed at which it should be entered An LPDDR5 RAM memory.

Core limitations

As a result of this situation, other users claimed to be experiencing slowdowns in RAM POCO pointed out that F3 is also a victim. Although it has 870 processor and LPPDR5 RAM, its speed is very low Reaches 1.7 Gbps.

On the other hand, the same forum user decided to test the app A1 SD bench On the Redmi K20, or what, Xiaomi 9T. The test results showed that the speed of is amazing RAM LPDDR4X Dell Xiaomi 9TWith a Snapdragon 730 processor, Reaches up to 2.5GBPS. User TrigitX claims that the slowdown was caused by a malfunction in the core / kernel.

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Xiaomi 10T (left), POCO F3 (right) Speed ​​tests

RAM value should be DDR13, Apparently Xiaomi is limiting it to DDR11. This prevents more advanced users from increasing the memory frequency.

There are no official statements

Xiaomi has not officially communicated In this finding of users who have raised new controversy. So it is not known whether the limitations are to prevent overheating or for some other reason.

Is true The community requests Xiaomi to resolve this situation Quick. Now, keep up with the networks XIAOMIADICTOS To get the latest news about slowdown issues.

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