There were no fireworks in the Harris v. Pence discussion, but that’s a good thing

There were no fireworks in the Harris v. Pence discussion, but that’s a good thing

Following last week’s US presidential talks between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, many Americans had hoped that the Vice Presidential talks between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris last night would be a more sophisticated affair.

As debate moderator Susan Page warned at the outset: “We need an active dialogue. But Americans deserve civil debate. ”

In this case, 90 minutes was not a one-off disappointment. It was infinitely more polite, without the aggression and chaos of the first presidential debate.

However, the extraordinary events that have unfolded since last week – Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis and hospitalization – have shaped the evening.

Plexiglas, who split the candidates while sitting at two tables in Salt Lake City, may be the dynamic of this presidential election, which has dominated American political life this year.

Surprisingly, the first part of the discussion focused on the corona virus.

Harris presented his experience as a prosecutor against the Trump presidency as they acted systematically through the facts surrounding the corona virus – 210,000 Americans died, one in seven became ill, and many employees were treated as “sacrifice workers.” They blamed Trump and Pence as the head of the Corona Virus Task Force – “the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country.”

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