There was evidence in 2017 that aliens were dumping debris into our solar system, astronomers claim. Space-Object-It-In-the-Solar System-In-2017-Really-Alien-Junk-Claims-Harvard-Professor | International

No such object has been found in the Solar System since 2016

# Cambridge: Do aliens do the same thing that people do when they throw away the garbage around them? Is all the waste from our planet being dumped into our solar system? Surprisingly, Avi Loeb, a professor at Harvard University, recently made this claim. Aliens: The first sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, a book he is now awaiting publication has sparked protests.

To justify this claim, Professor Loeb mentions a cosmic event in 2016 in his book. The University of Hawaii’s Pan-Stars 1 telescope caught on in 2016 under NASA’s Earth Object Observation Program under the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. On October 19 of that year, an object of strange height was discovered in the Solar System. Scientists and astronomers initially thought it was a comet. His name was Um Muwama. It passes through the Sun at a speed of 6.3 kilometers per second. But the more detailed the experiment, the more confusion there is. Why, no comet-like signs were found in the case of um Muwamya!

So this thing was almost assumed to be an asteroid! Even in this case, scientists and astronomers could not say anything clearly. Um Muamya’s shape gradually made them think. The thing is very long and needle-shaped. Asteroids do not usually look like this. At best, it can be compared to the shape of a cigar. At about 400 meters long, this needle, the rocky um muwamuwa surprised in another way. The body had redness, which is rare among asteroids!

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Overall, the arrival of Ahenum Maumaya in our solar system was quite a reaction. Scientists and astronomers say that the existence of such an unknown object has paved the way for a better study of the structure of the solar system. However, they also acknowledged that there was something similar in the solar system that had never been seen before. On the other hand, no such component has been found in the solar system since 2016.

Ultimately, Professor Loeb claims, we need to consider the constant effort to give signaling and communicate with aliens as part of it. According to him, the aliens wanted to understand the Earth’s reaction by sending a part of their planet’s debris into our solar system. He says it is a way to analyze a person’s character from what is abandoned.

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