There was a strong hurricane in the Czech Republic

There was a strong hurricane in the Czech Republic

Between Thursday and Friday, several countries in southern Moravia in the Czech Republic were affected by a Hurricane, A strong gust of wind found on the roofs of several buildings caused several trees to fall and obstructed the flow of electricity. Our continent has fewer hurricanes than some parts of the United States, yet experts say it was one of the most devastating to hit Central Europe in recent times: five people have been killed and more than 150 injured in this violent hurricane. There are also hundreds of evictees.

The typhoon, which stretched for 25 kilometers between the districts of Breklaw and Hodonin, near the border between Austria and Slovakia, passed through several cities.

Experts have reported winds of up to 219 kilometers per hour, with some residents reporting large hailstones that are about the size comparable to tennis balls. Waltz Mayor Powell Trojan said almost all buildings in the city were destroyed by the hail; An official in nearby Husqvarna said at least one-third of residents’ homes had been found.

The government in the Czech Republic reported a total of thousands of houses destroyed and decided to work to find accommodation for the evictees. Firefighters and some soldiers are working in the area, bringing in basic equipment to deal with the disaster. Emergency workers arrived from Austria, Slovakia and Poland.

Czech Republic’s Prime Minister Andrzej Babic cancels Brussels’ Council of Europe seat Visit the area The hurricane is blowing, where electricity and water services are still disrupted.

After the visit, Babik said it was the government’s priority to demand a portion of the funds raised in the country. European Union Solidarity Fund, Was established after the Great Flood that devastated Central Europe in 2002, especially to assist member states in the event of such natural disasters.

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